Bret Hart and Family Gave Vinnie MacMahon the Screwing of a Lifetime

lee raydeanCorrespondent IMarch 29, 2010

Wrestlemania 26: Bret Hart faces Vinnie Mac.

The stage is set; the wrestlers come out.

WWE fans are on their feet, screaming for Bret Hart.

Vinnie comes out decked out in black ring attire. Instead of going right to the ring, he stands at the top of the ramp and makes an announcement to Bret.


I think everyone knew something was up—and the fans knew by the smirk on Vinnie's face. He had that cocky smugness about him.

This match was 13 years in the making—since and because of the 1997 Montreal Screw Job. Vinnie Mac awarded Shawn Michaels the championship belt without him winning it—in fact, he said that when Shawn had Bret in the sharpshooter, Bret had tapped.

But there's not a lick of truth of Bret ever doing that.

After 13 years, Bret came back to WWE to get some closure and to be a host. He and Shawn shook hands on Raw a while back—and Bret had some closure.

When Bret called Vinnie Mac out, Vinnie had Bret believing that he was sorry for the screw job—and he smiled and shook Bret's hand.

That was called "screwing Bret over again."

Come on, Vinnie, you did enough damage. Be a man and fess up. Stop saying Bret screwed Bret—because you're the one that screwed him.

Instead of Vinnie giving Bret closure, he gave him more mental distress. He was getting other wrestlers involved in something that had nothing to do with it—Batista, for one.

Bret finally got some payback when he had Vinnie believing that he had a broken leg from a car accident. That was sweet.

At the contract signing for their match, Vinnie learned that he got screwed. He realized that Bret's leg wasn't broken—and Bret kicked his carcass with the cast.

Last night at Wrestlemania 26, when Vinnie Mac came out, that's when he gave Bret the bad news—that he and the Hart family were screwing Bret.

Mr. McMahon explained that he paid them off to turn on Bret—and they were lumberjacks who surrounded the ring that would beat on Bret if he were thrown out of the ring.

They all went down and surrounded the ring. Bret acted like he was upset and that he didn't know that his family would do this to him.

What Vinnie didn't know was that Bret's family told him what Vince was planning. The look on Vinnie's face was a Kodak moment.

Bret took the fight to Vinnie and threw him out of the ring—and Bret's family put a whipping on him. Vinnie got a beating that he won't soon forget.

He did, however, get something from under the ring to fend off his predators. He also thought he was going to beat Bret with it. That didn't happen.

Bret beat him with it, then beat him mercilessly with a chair. Then came the famous sharpshooter—and finally, Vinnie gave up. It was over.

Bret Hart finally gave Vinnie Mac the screw job of a lifetime!