Why The All American American Won MitB

Chuck RoseContributor IMarch 29, 2010

Yeah, fear it grips you, and it rips you and you question what is true.

First off I would like to say that I called it here in the comments section of my article 8 days before it happened.


Last night Jack Swagger climbed the ladder and smashed the briefcase off Christian's face, then unhooked(with some difficulty) the briefcase guaranteeing him a title shot. From the aftermath and reaction today a lot of people seem shocked or outraged that he won. They all seem to wonder why.

Well dear readers I am here to tell you why.

He is big: Billed at 6'5" 260 he is prototype size that Vince McMahon envisions champions being.

He can wrestle: Jack is unique in that since Kurt Angle left for TNA we don't have any big guys that can actually wrestle. Its not just technical skills and strength though, he is quick and agile as well and moves well. He truly is the total package in the ring.

He is young: I've always thought that the true purpose of MitB was to push younger guys into the main event scene. Unlike the sentimental favorites Christian (36), Matt Hardy (35) and Shelton Bejamin (34) Swagger is 28 years old and has a long future in front of him.

Now I'll admit as it stands he does need a new gimmick. As I've said before the chest thumping and push-ups just don't do it for me, as it makes it hard to take him seriously. That being said the image can be fixed.

They can always repackage him and give him a serious demeanor. Just have a segment  where an older superstar takes him aside and tells him "Hey, now that your a contender you've got to take your career seriously" or something along those lines. He then can be inspired by the advice and come out with a serious gimmick. One that is bent on staking his claim as the future of the WWE.

His mic skills need a little work too. With practice and concentration though he can overcome the slight lisp, When he did the commentary on RAW he showed he can speak pretty well if he tries.

I hope creative takes the time and gets this right and doesn't screw this up by having him lose the briefcase or lose when he tries to cash in.

Most of the tools are there and with a little work Swagger can be a truly special superstar. A combination of size, skill, looks and potential. One capable of carrying the WWE into the future.

As always I encourage my readers to chime in and give me your thoughts.