Arsenal Scout Moved To Bosnia in Hopes of Finding Another Edin Dzeko

Robin SAnalyst IMarch 29, 2010

Arsene Wenger has been a long time admirer of Wolfsburg star, Edin Dzeko, and has confirmed his interest on many occasions.

Last summer, Arsenal badly needed a young striker with immense potential and many touted Dzeko as the best option.

He was overpriced and out of Arsenal's reach.

Dzeko, the best striker in the Bundesliga, was obviously going to be an expensive option for Wenger, who is famous for his shrewd transfer policy.

Eventually, Arsene gave up, stuck with his limited options upfront, and got back to his old regimen of scouting.

The scouts were not interested in exploring Bosnia in the past, but after watching Dzeko's skills and talents closely, Arsenal chief scout Steve Rowley has posted Bobby Bennet to Bosnia, to explore the region in a bid to find the next Edin Dzeko.

Bennet confirmed Arsenal's admiration for Dzeko and said, "Edin is a very good player. We all like him (at Arsenal), but there is much talk about big money, and we will not compete with large sums. He is a fantastic player, but too expensive for Arsenal. "

Arsenal badly need a player of the caliber and tall stature of Dzeko upfront to shrug off the physical game deployed against them by the likes of "Tiny" Pulis and "Small" Sam.

However, it seems like Wenger is still not willing to spend a hefty amount on a top-notch established striker.

The priority, on the other hand, would be to find a new goalkeeper and a handful of quality young defenders.

The much hyped Arsenal scouting system never really managed to find a world-class goalkeeper and, as a result, Arsenal is suffering badly with awful goalkeeping in vital games.

It's high time to scout for quality net-minders and skillful defenders, rather than piling up attack minded players.

It is too late to find a raw talent and nurture him into a world-class material, so Wenger is now in a position to spend a sizable sum on an established goalkeeper in the summer transfer window.

One thing is for sure, Wenger's scouts will surely find high potential five, six, or seven year old children from Bosnia, but finding a similar player like Dzeko is going to be a tough task.

If in-depth scouting is what the Arsenal scouts are looking forward to, then it might be easier to jump into the Mediterranean sea, at least then you may find a pearl.