Why The Divas Match at Wrestlemania 26 Truly Shows Their Place in The WWE

Christi LottCorrespondent IMarch 29, 2010

I had previously written an article about the Divas road to Wrestlemania 26, and how I didn't really think they'd get a spot on the card. When the match was announced on WWE.com I wish I had been right. For the Super Bowl of the WWE, maybe in wrestling itself, the Divas, who have two strong champions and an even stronger roster, got a 10 Diva tag which featured a non-Diva personality as one of the members.

It was understandable that Vickie would be in the match as the storyline on Smackdown is the only storyline going on for the Divas. However, once the face Divas came out I knew we as viewers were in trouble. First, the team is supposedly Team Beth, but the group as a whole came out to Eve's music.

When was the last time Eve even came out to her own music? She hasn't been shown on RAW very much and hasn't wrestled in quite a while, so her music is unimportant to a crowd that's never really heard it. Mickie's or Beth's music is familiar to even the casual WWE fan, and that would've set a nice tone.

Another issue was Vickie being in for the entirety of the face offense. If something went wrong, as that can happen when the Divas have to rush, an untrained WWE personality could've gotten seriously injured. When all the Divas started doing their finishers, it was expected. They've got to get them all in somehow.

However, not all of these Divas wrestle consistently, and more importantly, rarely do their finishers, so the impact of them doing their finishers was a bit anti-climatic. The only highlight of that whole thing was the bomb of a Glam Slam Beth put on Alicia.

Although Vickie's moment in tribute to Eddie was truly touching, the fact that it ended the match and she took the botched pin really underwhelmed the moment.

When I say this match showed their place in the WWE, I really mean it. Rather than furthering the story between Michelle McCool and Beth Phoenix or highlighting Mickie's return to the ring, or even doing a Champion vs. Champion match, The Divas received at Wrestlemania 26 a match that is typically seen on RAW or SD, and will even most likely be repeated in some form on RAW.