Wrestlemania 26 Was Good, Now Let's Look Forward to WCW Wrestlemania 27?

Iqbal SirajContributor IIMarch 29, 2010

Wow, yesterday had some of the worst wrestling at a Wrestlemania to a potentially the best match in history.

In my opinion, Bret Hart vs. McMahon was a waste. It was pure rubbish with way too many chairshots to Vince, though it was trying to tell the WWE "Universe" 13 years of frustration was coming out of him.

The tag match was OK, and the Orton handicap match told a good story of the feud. The Money in the Bank ladder match was one of the worst in recent memory, if not THE worst.

The fact that Swagger won instead of McMahon's kiss-ass McIntyre made it a good choice, though everyone was favouring Christian or MVP.

Triple H vs. Sheamus was a good match, though the feud was ridiculous and rushed, was a nice spectacle. Mysterio vs. CM Punk was too short, possibly Rey Mysterio is suffering from an injury? The divas match was a good toilet break for me, and when I come back, seeing Vickie Guerrero in the match made me want to go back to the toilet to barf! 

Jericho vs. Edge was a wake up match after the sleep match from Vince and Bret. But the surprising good match was Cena vs Batista.

Cena is jeered yet cheered, and Batista is the same. Both cannot wrestle and are considered the BIG MEN that Vince gets "excited about." But nevertheless, they produced the second best match of the night, with near falls and counters. 

Then comes Undertaker vs HBK. A magnificent match that actually made Taker look like he was going to lose his streak due to HBK's career on the line. Counter after counter, finisher after finisher, near fall after near fall. It was such a magnificent spectacle.

Still finding it hard to understand if this topped last year's match or the best match in history, Savage vs. Steamboat.

Because of what was at stake, it just made it an emotional bout, with some very good storytelling by two legends and future Hall of Famers. They showed the kids at the back how wrestling is supposed to be! Thank you HBK and now comes the Road to Wrestlemania 27!

Wrestlemania 27 is being held in Atlanta in the Georgia Dome, home of WCW country. Now, there are rumours that the Hall of Fame that year will be WCW oriented. If it is, here are my possible picks:

Bill Goldberg

Sting (presumably he quits TNA)

Dean Malenko

Ted Turner


Randy Savage

Possibly others

Imagine the possibilities of the matches also! We could have Dean Malenko vs. Jericho, DDP vs. HHH, Booker T vs. Batista, Goldberg vs. Cena, Taker vs. Sting, Randy Savage vs. McMahon?

OK maybe not the last one due to personal reasons, but hey would be a fitting tribute to see them back at WCW territory. The crowd will be hot for them! So Roll on the Road to Wrestlemania 27!