18 Men Have Come, and 18 Men Have Fallen (Wrestlemania Results)

Jack JackCorrespondent IMarch 29, 2010

Welcome to my WrestleMania Review! I will breakdown the highs and lows, and give my comments on each match. I also will briefly explore the possible repercussions of each event.

*****UnderTakers vs Micheals Spoiler at bottom*****

Opening Match:

ShowMiz vs. Morrison & R-Truth: (Unified Tag Titles)

My Prediction: ShowMiz

Actual Outcome: ShowMiz


Not all that much to say. A very short match in which everyone got a chance to look stellar but the Miz. Never the less, Big Show hit the knockout punch for a victory for team ShowMiz. I predicted this because I highly doubted that a put together team would defeat an established heel team. Expect ShowMiz to gather more heat. Due to later events, I expect ShowMiz to lose the titles to the Hart Dynasty.

Randy Orton vs. Ted Dibiase vs. Cody Rhodes

My Prediction: Ted Dibiase

Actual Outcome: Randy Orton


I really, really wanted Ted Dibiase to win this. The expected double team started the match but each competitor got a chance to shine. Randy obviously won this, but Dibiase was very close. The match was a little disappointing because we all knew that Randy was on a superior level to the others. In repercussion I expect Dibiase & Rhodes to split up on Raw and watch Cody Rhodes ride off into the sunset while Dibiase wins a mid-card title. Randy will return to punting heads. Maybe one day, Dibiase and Orton will fight again.

Money In The Bank:

Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger vs. Matt Hardy vs. Christian vs. Kane vs. Drew Mcintyre vs. MVP vs. Evan Bourne vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Dolph Ziggler

My Prediction: MVP (most valuable punchingbag)

Actual Outcome: Jack Swagger


I was really impressed by this match. It felt like everyone took a really hard bump or did something crazy. In the end... Swagger won?? That's what i was thinking too...

Triple H vs Sheamus:

My Prediction: HHH

Actual Outcome: HHH


I called it! Neverless, this was an amazing match. I know that this match wont stand out compared to the others on the card; however, it was a very stellar match. I believe that this was a great way for Sheamus to debut at WrestleMania. HHH may be stale to some people, but did you really expect him to lose? I expect Sheamus to win a few minor titles and come back to the spotlight. Also; I saw a sign that said: "Triple H fears divorce". I was crying from laughter after that.

C.M. Punk vs Rey Mysterio:

My Prediction: C.M. Punk

Actual Outcome: Rey Mysterio


I wanted Punk to win, but having Rey win is good. I think that the whole preacher gimmick will continue despite Punk's loss. I know that Mysterio is small; but after his family was abused by Punk having Rey win is a great thing. It was another wrestling clincic, and all the fans hope this continues. I expect the Straight Edge Society to have plans for Mysterio at Extreme Rules.

Bret Hart vs Mr. McMahon:

My Prediction: Hart

Actual Outcome: Hart


This was pretty much every Hart in the world against McMahon but I was okay with it. After what happened in '97 it was good to see vengeance. A definite plus of this match was seeing Vince pull of an amazing promo before the match started. I did take a bathroom break during this match though. It was a really interesting filler match. I expect Bret to become a manager to the Hart Dynasty now though.

Team McCool vs Team Torres:

My Prediction: Didn't know this was on the card

Actual Outcome: Team McCool


I love divas. I love Kelly Kelly. Sadly, for the second WresleMania a... pig... has won. I'm sorry, but I really wish some eye candy could have won. Also; Vickie Gurreo winning the match totally discredits woman wrestling. Totally feel like the WWE shot themselves in the foot with that one. This will continue the Vicke led stable on SD for sure sadly.

Edge vs Chris Jericho: (World Heavy Weight Championship)

My Prediction: Chris Jericho

Actual Outcome: Chris Jericho


An amazing wrestling clinic. I enjoyed the match and was impressed. There was a right amount of counters and some great grappling. I personally am glad Jericho won because his career needed it. I feel that Jericho's heat cannot be backed up unless he does win. The suspicious title shot to the head also was great. It really showed how a true heel champion should act. This feud will continue much to my joy.

Oh... did i mention Jericho got speared off an announce table into a barricade wall afterwords??

Batista vs John Cena: (WWE World Championship)

My Prediction: Cena

Actual Outcome: Cena


Well, Cena had a sick Air-Force Military Parade entrance. After that I was disappointed. Batista looked amazing and wrestled at a level that is far beyond what we have seen from his technical capabilities before. Sadly, after Cena did a 5-knuckle shuffle from the top rope and missed (yes, my friends and I paused it at the exact moment 3 or 4 times) I had a nasty taste in my mouth. Never the less- Super Cena won. Interestingly, there was more boos than cheers for Cena in this match. If you didn't follow wrestling, you would have thought that Batista was the face in the match. They better not fight again. I'm sick of Cena on the main event.

Shawn Micheals vs. Undertaker:

My Prediction: Shawn Micheals

Actual Outcome: Undertaker


3 tombstones. 3 Sweet Chin Music's. The greatest match in wrestling match was surpassed by same two men doing it again with Micheal's career on the line. This match was like two heavy people on a see saw. I was amazed. The counters were unspeakable. Shawn Micheals backwards flip onto the UnderTaker was amazing. The figure four leg locks and hell's gate were unbelievable.

However one memory will always be etched into my head:

Micheals had kicked out of a tombstone. Undertaker in disbelief stared down at him. "Stay Down!" was shouted by the Taker. Micheals clawed at the Taker trying to stand up. Micheals was desperate, not even being able to get up as he looked like a broken man. The Undertaker towered above. Then...

SLAP! Micheals slapped the Undertaker. The fasted Tombstone I've ever seen executed was hit. 1-2-3. Goodbye HBK.... After the match, HBK and Taker hugged... I was so amazed by this match.... It is worth buying the DVD or buying the PPV to see this even now that you know the results of this match. I say without a doubt that this match will go down in WrestleMania history as the greatest ever.

I am heartbroken as I wait to see HBK's sendoff on Raw tomorrow...

I hope you enjoyed my article. If there is a view on a match you want to comment on please feel free too.

Also: here are the theme songs which were excellent.