My Wrestlemania 26 Review

Dan PowerSenior Analyst IMarch 29, 2010

Did the Grand Daddy of them all meet the expectations?

In front of 72,219 crazy fans and in the tv of millions others, the biggest stage of them all was set.  The stage was bigger than life with its pyramidal titantron and its traditional fireworks.

How the WWE succeeded this year?

A quick review, just after the show.


R-Truth & John Morrison vs. Big Show & Miz


(For the Unified WWE Tag Team Title)

A squash match that did nothing but to show Big Show's dominance.  Too short and useless match involving random wrestlers put together against a newly established duo.  Poor showdown and poor match overall.  ShowMiz retained with no real glory.

Rate : 5/10


Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase


(Triple Threat Match)

After the expected two on one on Orton, the match started to be interesting.  Rhodes and DiBiase both went for the pin over The Viper who gave them a good beating with, among others a double DDT from the middle rope, a punt and a RKO for the easy win.  Again, a too short bout and lame build up.  All this match achieved is to  break up Legacy once and for all and this storyline.  But overall useless with nothing on the line such as a number one contendership for a Title.


Rate : 4/10


Money In The Bank

(The Winner gets a title shot, anytime, anywhere)

A good match overall, but nothing really outstanding.  All wrestlers got their shining moment and there have been some awesome stunts.  The biggest surprise has been the result.  Not many expected to see Jack Swagger as the big winner, but he did it with class.


Rate : 7.5/10


Triple H vs. Sheamus  

(Regular Match)

Good back and forth action, but it ended with what has been done so many times before : HHH has won without really putting his opponent over.  He did even not have a great crowd pop as he is used to be.  Sheamus delivered, but this match didn't help his rising much.


Rate : 6.5/10


Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk  

(Regular Match with stipulation - Mysterio joins the Straight Edge Society if he loses)

Did the match with the best showdown for this year's Wrestlemania?

It has not been a match that will be remembered in the coming years, but an ok one considering it involved two of the best wrestlers in WWE.  They both went with their usual stuff and Rey Mysterio pulled a win that seemed too easy.  It did nothing good for any of them and it gave nothing to the fans.  It would have been an interesting story to see Rey with the SES.


Rate : 7/10 


Vince McMahon vs. Bret Hart

(No Holds Barred Match - who will screw who?)

This greatly anticipated and even historic match started great with McMahon announcing he has bought a bunch of lumberjacks for that bout; surprise! the whole Hart clan (the family and Hart Dynasty) has been bought.  But after the initial shock, the special guest referee (Bruce Hart) gave a hug to Bret.

Then it turned out into an epic proportion let down.  It was actually a joke.  The whole Hart Clan gave a beating to Vince then Bret finished the job with a crowbar and a chair.  Huge disappointment to have not seen Bret doing the whole job by himself.


Rate : 4/10


Edge vs. Chris Jericho

(Regular Match for the WWE Title)

An instant classic with an unexpected winner.  Y2J pulled a great win on the famous stage to solidify his legacy.  Edge was seen by many as the winner of that bout, but he has been awesome as usual.  Both guys have got out of this Wrestlemania growth.  Jericho has been a tiny edge over Edge.  I expect a rematch for WM 27.


Rate : 9.5/10


Ten Women Tag Team Match

(Regular Tag Team Match)


The Bad Girls have won that Diva match.  No more comments.


Rate : 6/10


Batista vs. John Cena  

(Regular Match for the World Heavyweight Title)

Not a bad match at all, but not a classic.  Both opponents gave what they have to give.  After Edge has lost in his effort to win the other big championship, it was now expected to see Cena grab the belt.  In that clash of the titans that won't be remembered for ages, there was that little something missing.


Rate : 8/10


Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker

(Streak vs. Career - Pinfall or Submission only)

Hat's off to the wrestler who entertained us for 25 years.  Goodbye HBK; he did it with greatness.  And The Undertaker was the best man to do the job; his phenomenal entrance, with his coming from the ground and the never seen before titantron, have put the last magical touch on Michaels storied career.

They both delivered for the highlight of the year.


Rate : 10/10




A solid show, but an average Wrestlemania.


Rate : 7.5/10


Disclaimer : I will probably add some more stuff in comments.  This article has been done in the heat of the moment so I might re-adjust after I chilled off...  hehe...!

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