Edge Should Go In Alone

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IJuly 11, 2008

I'm not sure what direction WWE is taking Edge right now, but I know what direction they should have him going in.

Look at Edge's history in WWE: he has always had someone with him— Christian, Lita, Randy Orton, La Familia…

I hope WWE is letting Edge go it alone.

Let Edge prove that he can win the big one on his own.

No help no crutches.

Have him lose to Triple H at the bash and go on a hot winning streak.

He may have programs with Kennedy and Hardy, and be completely dominating by himself— build him up as something completely different, keeping him heel and have him beat down everyone with steal chairs to the head.

A mean Edge like he was back in 2004 that would do anything to get the title, but doesn’t need help to do it. Then, have Edge win the title and carry it for a while until young Hardy or Kennedy is ready for the belt.

I see an Edge that wants to prove to everyone that he can make it on his own; that he doesn’t need a jobber tag team and a washed up Guerrero to win matches for him.

Have Edge in main events every week and have him win with NO help, that way he can come out and say, "I did it all on my own, I beat Triple H. I am World Champion and I did it without any of you losers!"

After he wins the title again.

That’s the heel Edge I want to see; an Edge who still cheats to win, but doesn’t look weak for having a bunch of people guard him.