The New York Jets Should Trade For Brett Favre

Andrew SchiffAnalyst IJuly 11, 2008

Early February 2008, the New York Giants hoisted their third Super Bowl Trophy in twenty-one years.

Clearly, the Giants had become the toast of the town football-wise in New York.

Giants quarterback, Eli Manning, had lived up to his billing, at least in terms of coming through in the clutch, and for the second consecutive year, a "Manning" had won a championship.

Meanwhile, the New York Jets, that other team in New York, wallowed in yet another disappointing season.

After having won New York City's first Super Bowl crown in 1969, the Jets have had their moments, but, for the most part, mediocrity has prevailed.

True, they had a nice little club in the early eighties, inspired by their massive pass rush known as the New York Sack Exchange.

Joe Klecko and Mark Gastineau were the two great stars, and then in the late nineties and Bill Parcells got the club to the AFC championship; yet, it seems, the Jets have always played second fiddle to their older, more established cousins.

Everyone knows that the Jets, like the Giants, may call the Meadowlands their home, but they are playing in Giants Stadium, even with a new complex going up as we speak, the Jets remain visitors.

That is why the Jets must make a move to get Brett Favre.

They need a star of starts to put themselves back the way they were under Broadway Joe Namath.

It's simply a great fit.

Brett Favre has asked the Packers to trade him and now that his old club has told him that they no longer need his services, Green Bay should send him packing far away, to a different conference and division where, unless they meet next February, he can use his magic.

For Favre, this would be an excellent choice.

The Jets have no dominant player at the position, with questions about incumbent Chad Penington's throwing strength always looming in the background.

Favre would give the Jets, as the cliché goes, instant credibility. In a town that has toasted the big stars like Mantle, DiMaggio, Seaver and Lawrence Taylor, Favre would be treated and fawned over in a way not seen since the Namath donned the number twelve uniform for the white and green.

For Favre, New York would provide all the attention and love that he desires.

True, Green Bay is a legendary football town, but media wise, New York is the place where a star's shine can grow brightest.

Favre can be in a city where can enjoy the company of other great players who enjoy his hyper enthusiasm.

Imagine Favre hanging out with Derek Jeter and David Wright or even doing commercials with Eli Manning.

Favre can wind up anywhere, but as long as Green Bay controls his rights, they should send him packing to a place that could help the National Football League's most mediocre franchise and give their fans something to cheer about.