Vickie Guerrero Showed Her "True Colors" Thanks to Beth Phoenix

lee raydeanCorrespondent IMarch 28, 2010

I had a great time watching Smackdown Friday Night and I am glad that I did. Why you ask? Well, because of the five-on-one women's handicap match.

This match wasn't suppose to be a handicap match, no siree Bob. In fact, this match was ridiculous, but it ended up being hilarious.

It all started when the Glamazon put her hands on the official consltant to the GM of Smackdown. God only knows how she ever got that job, I don't even want to think about it.

Anyways Beth Phoenix apologized over and over again. She did it last week on Smackdown and in the ring this week. Of course that wasn't good enough for the "excuse me" queen.

Vickie told Beth before that she was going to regret what she did to her. The Glamazon should've known that Vickie is very revengeful and has some of the other divas kissing her where the sun don't shine.

Just before their match, Vickie came out and told Beth that this wasn't an one on one, but a five on one handicap match.

Who didn't see that one coming? It was obvious that something wasn't quite right, knowing Vickie's past and present schemes.

Beth didn't back out when Vickie told her about the change in the match. I give her credit for not backing down from the likes of Michelle McCool, Layla, Alicia Fox, and Maryse.

As usual, things got out of control. Beth was trying to hold up and she did at first. The ref couldn't keep up with the divas in the ring at once. Eventually the Glamazon was taken down with four out of five divas on her.

Phoenix was kicked by McCool and was knocked out briefly. The blonde bimbo was ecstatic. In the mean time the divas pulled Beth over in their corner and Vickie was tagged in and made the three count.

Vickie then climbed onto the second rope and positioned herself to make a frog splash.. Yes she did climb to the second rope. I know its hard to believe but it did happen. I was surprised as hell.

Before she had a chance to jump off of the rope, Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim and Eve came out to help Beth. The ring was cleared except for Guerrero and the Glamazon.

Beth got up and realized that it was just them two in the ring. Vickie was trying to get out of the ring and Beth grabbed Vickie by the back of her pants, and (I am laughing hysterically when this happened) and they came off.

She stood there embarrassed in the ring, in front of the WWE Universe with her pink panties with the words "Excuse Me" on the back.

Beth laughed and tried to apologize but she was laughing too. Vickie got out of the ring and ran up the ramp while Beth was on the ropes swinging Vickie's pants around.

Now you all know that Vickie will be out for blood. Late Friday night, a last minute match was made for WM26. Its 5-diva tag teams. Ten Divas in all, Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim and Eve vs. Vickie Guerrero, Maryse, Alicia Fox, Michelle McCool, and Layla.

Sounds like Vickie has something cooking. I think the women's belt should be up for grabs, somewhere down the line. Beth against McCool.

I can see this match at WM getting out of control. Vickie always has a plan and her evil cohorts will be in on it.

Knowing Beth and her team, they will bring their A game. I hope this isn't a set up and Beth really is not turning face and ends up turning on her team.

If she doesn't, that's more power for her team. These divas have her back and did come to her aid. She owes them.