Harvick Dominates While Johnny Sauter Yells at Ron Hornaday Postrace

Horn FanSenior Writer IMarch 28, 2010

Kevin Harvick wins easily in dominating fashion from the pole, leading 187 laps of 250 and picking up his second straight win. Going back to last year, it's his fourth win in a row when he runs in the series.

Hornaday due to qualifying being rained out on Friday, would start the Kroger 250 from the 31st position using the past champions provisional.

He would have a tough day battling his way to the front, making up 32 positions, led nine laps and picked up 15 positions in the points.

Don't blink after his runner-up finish, Ron Hornaday now sits 12th in the points and now is 178 behind points leader Timothy Peters.

Guess someone needs to let the experts in the media know two races don't make a season.

Oh I had plan to recap Horn's day from the back to the front, but the post race altercation between him and Sauter changed all that and the fact he let his boss win.

I see all three sides of this deal, Sauter had every right to be pissed at Horn and he shouldn't have spun him like that.

Regardless, if I feel that Sauter was blocking, was drifting ever so slightly to the high side checked up and Horn in the throttle couldn't slow down and spun him out.

After all Sauter in a way is a teammate, since he's driving a Kevin Harvick Inc. chassis.

But with the way Mike Skinner was battling with Horn, tell me you didn't see the deal with Sauter happening.

All the damage to the rear of the No. 33 was from Skinner bouncing off of him prior to the Lap 223 altercation and Skinner really has no room to cry foul.

Now let me mention one thing, didn't Sauter way back on Lap 92 get Horn loose moving him out of his way to take second after a restart and chase after Harvick.

Was it just me or didn't Sauter drive aggressively back to the front, after his pit road mishap were he damaged his left rear quarter panel from not having the tire tightened on a pit stop.

Didn't Rick Crawford dump rookie Justin Lofton not to lose a third lap to the leader?

Didn't Narian Karthikeyan have multiple race deals were he got knocked around repeatedly in his debut?

It's Martinsville everytime the trucks race here, we always see multiple race deals were drivers just beat and bang each other out of the way and tempers flare.

So while Harvick was doing burnouts on the front stretch, saluting the fans and collecting the checkers.

The other 35 trucks were driving onto pit road back to there pit stalls, but Sauter would block Horn and not follow the post race procedure in the series.

He'd climbed out of his truck, then proceeded to fling one of his crew members out of the way and first on the scene trying to calm him down.

Horn barely got out of his truck. Oh right, I can't really say that since he had time to put on his Longhorn hat.

But man was Sauter ever pissed off, he got into old Horn's face yelling had his finger wagging and just let him have it.

I was disappointed not too see Speed's Ray Dunlap or Krista Voda microphones in hand running to get into the fray and let us listen in.

I agree with Sauter, he had every right to do that and I think Horn was 100% wrong for what happened on the track. But I also think, if Skinner wasn't on his bumper this never would have happened.

Both crew chiefs of the drivers were right there, along with Jessica Stroupe Horn's P/R lady and two NASCAR officials were right there.

No fighting, no punching, and it did amount in nothing more than verbal altercation. Kind of boring, compared to Kez vs Hamlin or should I be saying "Crazy Carl."

I respect Sauter more for this altercation, not that I already wasn't a fan of his, but you have to respect him for being a man and handling himself the way he did just voicing his displeasure.

I'm proud of Horn, for admitting he basically spun him out and accepted blame. You won't here me complain should Sauter return the favor down the road.

After all if you live by the sword, you die by the sword or if you race with your bumper, then expect it dished back to you.

Now Skinner what a bleep-bleep, the man has no leg to stand on when it comes to wrecking the competition and just needs to stop crying.

The Trucks will be racing next Friday night at 8:00PM, at Nashville Superspeedway for the Nashville 200.

Photo Credit: sports.yahoo.com