If Christian Were To Win MITB, He Would Cash It in on Dave Batista

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If Christian Were To Win MITB, He Would Cash It in on Dave Batista

It was only six years ago, at Wrestlemania 20, that Chris Benoit finally had captured his first World Heavyweight Championship. As soon as Triple H tapped to the Crippler Crossface, Benoit's music hit and the crowd had gone absolutely crazy.

Then as soon as the camera angle switched back to the ring, you could see Eddie Guerrero with his WWE Championship, giving Chris Benoit a hug, celebrating Benoit's victory in the ring. This was one of the most genuine moments that I had ever seen in the WWE, and had almost brought me to tears (not really, but it was still great). 

Imagine this.

Wrestlemania 26.

Christian wins the MITB match earlier in the night and cashes it in after the Cena-Batista match. I understand that many of you think, if Christian does end up winning the MITB match, he would cash it in on his kayfabe brother, Edge. Sorry, I don't see that happening whatsoever. Both Christian and Edge are currently faces.

The crowd isn't going to know who to cheer and boo for. Edge made a miraculous return to win the Rumble and went on to beat Chris Jericho for the title. Christian on the other hand, finally captures his first world championship by defeating Edge. An underdog beating an underdog...This makes absolutely no sense, and there would be a huge mixed reaction in the crowd as both Christian and Edge are two of the top faces at the moment.

Instead, why not have Christian cash it in on the night against Dave Batista? If the Cena-Batista match does end up closing the show, then why not have Batista retain the gold, and let Christian cash his MITB in on Batista? Cena is currently a face so it would make more sense to let Batista square off against Christian than Cena or Edge.

If the WWE wants to turn Christian into a heel, it's not going to work by him facing Cena, as everyone would be rooting for Christian to capture his first world championship, in addition to half the audience booing Cena anyways. 

Picture it.

Batista retains the championship against Cena. The crowd isn't too happy despite Cena losing. Then all of a sudden, Christian's music hits. The crowd goes ecstatic. Christian cashes in, hits the Killswitch on Batista and claims his first world title. While he is celebrating the victory, Edge comes into the ring with his world title, and they exchange hugs, just as Eddie and Chris did at Wrestlemania 20 to close off the show.

For all you fans that are looking for a Christian-Edge rivalry, it will come when the time is right. But at the moment, it just wouldn't make sense having an underdog face an underdog. 

But then again, it's pointless to argue who Christian will face, if he doesn't even end up winning the MITB match. I have a strong gut feeling that Drew McInteyre is going to win it, but hopefully I'm wrong.

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