St. John's Puts Coaching Job On Craigslist

Christopher ChavezAnalyst IIMarch 27, 2010

NEW YORK - JUNE 18:  Duke University basketball coach Michael Krzyzewski attends  the 68th annual Father Of The Year awards at New York Sheraton Hotel & Tower on June 18, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

In an effort to finally find a coach for their men's basketball team, St. John's University and its athletic director have put the head coach job on Craigslist, the popular site used to buy and find just about anything.

The move was made after several head coaches declined the job after getting into talks with the Red Storm.

The Red Storm also overheard that Billy Donovan was a frequent user of the site. Donovan declined the coaching job after the Red Storm made a serious attempt at going after him. The job on Craigslist might or might not have any effect on his decision a second time.

Hofstra's Tom Pecora took a job at Fordham rather that sign with St. John's. Paul Hewitt of Georgia Tech said he will stay put and remain with Georgia Tech rather than move onto New York and coach the Red Storm. 

One of the first people that responded to the job posting on the popular website was former Knicks coach, Isaiah Thomas. Thomas spend the past year coaching at Florida International University.

Campus security reported seeing Thomas waiting outside the campus grounds at 1 a.m. waiting for an interview. The Red Storm turned him down, and Thomas was escorted off campus grounds. 

Thomas at least has some experience with basketball, but many cannot believe that Charlie Weis showed up for the coaching job.

He has never coached a game of basketball on the collegiate or professional level, and he was just hired as the Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator.

Weis said, "I am willing to leave my duties in Kansas for an opportunity to become a part of St. John's University's historic and well-respected athletics." The funny part about all of this is that the Red Storm Athletic Department is actually going to give Weis an interview.

There have also been women looking at the job opportunity on the site. The job opening says, "St. John's University wants you! We are looking for a coach for our Men's basketball team."

Pat Summit of Tennessee has inquired about the job on the site and could be available for an interview.

How about John Calipari? Calipari reportedly first met John Wall after he bought an iPod Touch from him on the site. The Red Storm job posting could also be to attract him.

The latest reports say that the website member "Coach_K" is not Mike Krzyzewski of Duke. The Red Storm thought they had a possible steal when that member inquired on the job opening. 

It is hard to tell how successful this ad will be on Craigslist. We can only wait and see who gets hired and why.