Tiger Woods Will Come Back To Golf Better Than Ever!

Glenford RobinsonContributor IMarch 12, 2017

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Tiger Woods was very sincere in his apologetic press conference; he realized that he had made a huge error in judgment, and he owned up to it. He has since then made amends to his wife and family. He should therefore be entitled to a second chance. He just fell into the invincible mode of thinking that many powerful male figures fall into—the feeling of invincibility.

With that said, we should now turn our attention to his return. As to him coming back and playing well on the golf course, is up for debate. In fact, many believe he will do well and some think he will not.

The good thing for Tiger is that his beautiful wife Elin didn’t dump him. She has given him a second chance. If she had dumped him, it would have been a bit more difficult for him to come back to golf and do well. His heart would have still been broken. It would have probably taken him up to a year or more to return.

The Tiger will therefore make his comeback and play the best golf of his career. Many are wondering how well he will do when he returns. Well, Tiger Woods’ Fans… worry no more because your Tiger will be coming back with a vengeance! He will have something to prove. The man will dig deep down into his soul and give us all he has.

The mettle of a champion isn’t learned; it is chiseled into the makeup of the champ from birth. So, those who are worried about Tiger Woods golf game when he finally sets foot on the course again, really shouldn’t worry. The man is a winner, and he always will be.

In fact, Mr. Woods will somewhat be nicer to spectators watching him play golf on the course. In the past, he has been accused of being robotic and sometimes vulgar and boisterous at his matches. He didn’t speak to fans or spectators very often and very seldom gave autographs.

All this will change though. At a recent interview he opened up and spoke about his past behaviors on the golf course. The spotted one swears that he will not be the same beast on the golf course as he was in his former life before the bravado that caused his departure from the golf scene.

The question whether or not Tiger Woods will be on his game when he comes back is up for debate, but one thing is for sure; he will be a changed man when he set foot on the golf course again.


By the way, what really happened on that night when Tiger wrecked his car? Did his wife really hit him? If anyone has any opinionated answers to these questions, please post them below.


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