Bobby Petrino's Missing Michael Vick Playbook

Chase SessomsContributor IMarch 27, 2010

I almost feel like a conspiracy theorist writing about this.

We all know Bobby Petrino as an offensive genius, a guru even. If you read the practice reports during the season you are well aware of his attention to detail. One thing is certain; Bobby always has a plan.

So what was his plan when he took the reins of the Atlanta Falcons and had one of the most dynamic quarterbacks in the NFL to work with?

THERE HAD TO BE ONE! He wouldn’t have taken the job if he thought that he didn’t have anything to work with at QB.

As we all know, right before the season Michael Vick took a federally sponsored vacation for his role in a dog fighting ring leaving Bobby and the Falcons high and dry. I can’t shake this one thought Petrino MUST have a playbook geared toward the mobile quarterback. You can’t make Michael Vick a legitimate pocket passer (at least no one has yet). So the best thing to do is accentuate the tools that the player already has.

Mallet’s broken foot may just be the key to seeing that playbook.

The current trend at Arkansas has been to recruit mobile quarterbacks. Brandon Mitchell, Jacoby Walker, and current target Keihl Frazier all have the ability to throw the ball, but more importantly when a play breaks down they can move outside the pocket and make a play with their arm or legs. I’ve also been reading that Brandon Allen’s mobility is underrated.  

With the arrival of Chris Klenakis (The authority on the pistol formation) as the O-line coach it makes our choices in quarterbacks even more interesting.

It’s no secret that Mallet isn’t the most mobile guy on campus. So when he leaves are we going to have a playbook geared towards a mobile quarterback that’s been three years in the making?

I say yes. In saying yes it means that I think that Brandon Mitchell is our quarterback of the future. He has the same stature and skill set as a Heisman winner from Texas……Vince Young.

Last year during fall camp, reports would come out daily about Brandon Mitchell throwing bombs to wide receivers practicing against the first team defense. But what’s even more exciting is him taking off for 60-70 yard runs against the first teamers.

I know it’s complete speculation that this playbook exists, but what if it does? Will the Mallet Hogs even resemble our future Razorback teams?

Please comment on this one. I want to know what the Razorback Nation thinks.