Brett Favre...Make Up Your Mind

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IJuly 11, 2008

Ever since the day Brett Favre retired from the Green Bay Packers, there was speculation if he’d return.  Sure, that question had been around since the end of 2005.  What was ironic was that Favre announced he would return as his team was still in the postseason.  Perhaps that jinxed the Pack. 

For awhile it even seemed that the Packers WANTED Favre gone and to fully restart with Aaron Rodgers.  But how could they push aside their legend and hand the keys to the car to an unproven quarterback.  If it happened it would have been the biggest outrage since NBC axed Johnny Carson for Jay Leno.  And I know some of you will say that that's what the 49ers did with Joe Montana, but they had Steve Young, another hall of famer.  Besides that's San Francisco.  If there were no Packers, who would ever have heard of Green Bay?

And maybe Rodgers will be another hall of famer.  But who wants to follow a legend?  Just ask Brian Griese, the man who replaced John Elway in Denver.  The two time Super Bowl Champs sank to the cellar and Griese was run out of town.

Now we can all agree that Favre is a legend.  But this is a little unprofessional to say the least.  They wanted him back, he said he'd be back, and then he said no.  We all watched all the dedications on ESPN, the game replays on NFL Network, and we were all looking forward to Favre getting his number retired on Monday Night Football in Week 1.  Which ironically, is exactly what happened with John Elway and those Broncos the season after as well.

How about this?  What if Favre comes back, and he loses the starting job to Rodgers?  I doubt Favre would come back as a backup, but if he's projected as the starter and struggles, what then? 

Luckily for Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay they play in the same division as Chicago and Detroit, so no matter what happens, they'll probably avoid the cellar.  But what if Favre does pull a Michael Jordan?  And no, I don't mean take up baseball.  Not only could it taint his legacy if he comes back and falters, but he might not look like Mr. Nice Guy anymore.  But no worries.  I'm sure no matter what decision Brett Favre makes he'll change it the next day.