TNA: Impact React Volume 11

Steven RansiearCorrespondent IMarch 27, 2010

Welcome, welcome to the 11th edition of "Impact React". It's your weekly source for all the news and rumors within TNA. This week we're going to discuss Orlando Jordan's gimmick, the ratings, and more from this past week.

Jordan Getting Press

Orlando Jordan has received some positive press from bi-sexual news outlets for him doing a bi-sexual gimmick in TNA.

Jordan has received criticism from SPIKE TV officials for the gratuitous nature of the gimmick in the past. Jordan has been very sexual with his conduct.

The praise he has been getting carries over to TNA as a company for not putting a straight wrestler in the role of a bi-sexual or gay gimmick.

This has been the way it's normally done in the past. A key example would be Billy and Chuck from the WWE.

Eric Bischoff is apparently very much behind Jordan doing this so I imagine we'll get much more in the weeks to come.

Time Changes

TNA iMPACT will air at 8 pm on April 5 as opposed to the regular 9pm slot.

This is apparently so the program will not conflict with the college basketball tournament finals. My guess is that this is also a test to see if iMPACT can gain viewers during an unopposed hour and keep them when WWE's Monday Night Raw starts at 9pm.

It's been my opinion since TNA announced they were moving to Monday nights that they should be at 8pm.

While you have some heavy hitters on network TV to go against, you could potentially steal some of Raw's viewers if they become interested in what's happening on iMPACT as 9pm rolls around.

Financial Worries?

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has stated that TNA is having worse financial issues than most people realize.

This is after TNA has very much expanded an already bloated roster, purchased prime billboard real estate and started regular live TV tapings.

The ratings for the company are the worst they've been in four years.

Aside from some attendance and merchandise improvements, the company isn't exactly in a very good spot. We've heard tales of woe about TNA's financial situation for some time now.

This might be the final chance to make some changes and right the ship.

Sting Done In 2010

According to an interview done with D'Angelo Dinero, Sting's last year as an active wrestler will be 2010.

He said that he wants to wrestle Sting before he retires and that it would have to be this year because he'll be hanging up the boots.

Whether or not this is true, no one knows besides Sting himself. If it is the end of his career then it's been a damn good one.

He's unquestionably the most popular wrestler in America to never work for the WWE.

Problems With Eric Young

Some within TNA have expressed disapproval with Eric Young's big push as of late.

They've said that he's not a star on the same level as a Jeff Hardy or Rob Van Dam yet he's being portrayed by one. Apparently Young is friends with some people in a position of power within TNA.

My take on this is that TNA needs to build young stars.

How else are you going to do that unless you treat them like stars on TV?

Young has had a bit of a disappointing career in TNA always being held under a glass ceiling. Maybe this is his shot to break out and you can't fault him for wanting to do that.

The Horsemen Cometh

Apparently TNA wants to do a Four Horsemen-like stable.

This would include Ric Flair leading it, perhaps in a managerial role like J.J. Dillon had in the original Horsemen.

However, they cannot use the name as the WWE owns the copyright.

Backstage, many roster members have expressed interest in joining it as it could only do well for the career to be associated with Ric Flair.

Names, Names, Names

If your curious about the group in TNA consisting of Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman using the classic WCW theme for the Wolfpac—it's because they will now be called the Wolfpac.

The WWE doesn't own the name or music.

I imagine the music was done by Jimmy Hart who also did the classic NWO theme. Hart typically owns the copyrights to his music as he's done plenty of entrance themes like Bret Hart's and Shawn Michaels'.

That's it for this week. A light week again as TNA seems to have ended the streak of releasing talent and anything major happening backstage. It's possible I won't do Impact React next weekend due to a very busy few days, but I should have at least a condensed version for you to read.

Have a great week everyone!


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