If Kobe Wins Another Ring What Becomes Of Lebron James Legacy ?

Tommy RossCorrespondent IMarch 27, 2010

Similar to Magic Johnson Lebron has built his career upon being the best overall player in the NBA. If you need to score what he doesn't get plowing through the lane, he'll make up on the line.

Need a rebound? He's strong enough to wrestle with the power forwards, yet athletic enough to out jump your favorite guards and small forwards.

Need a assist he gets those at will, with the majority of his key role players being spot up marksman form behind the arch dimes aren't hard to find.

However if you need a Finals win, Lebron isn't available for that press conference.

What he has been able to accomplish at this point of his career has been nothing short of incredible. Hardly anything to thumb your nose at.

However with the greater part of this basketball generation of viewers deeming Lebron the King, one can only ask King of what?

If we are talking the regular season, Then yes he reigns supreme!

With his physical stature, trustworthy,hardnosed role players and a weak Eastern Conference schedule, he will certainly run the regular season until he retires God willing he stays healthy.

In the grand scheme of things if one looks at this situation through a broad lense alot of things aren't adding up.

Let's say for instance if you were a brand new NBA viewer, after reading the hype, watching the endless praise of Lebron on ESPN, and his regular season performances you would probally think that Lebron is already a NBA champion maybe a multiple champion even.

One would never guess that he was swept in the finals by a aging San Antonio squad. In a game that is basically built upon what you do in the play-offs.

Oe would never think a play of this magnitude that dominates the regular season would have such a hard time leading his team through the playoffs.

Now lets get one thing straight if not for Lebron James the Cavaliers are a playoff team, but they are no where near contenders.

However with James they still haven't convinced me that they are true Finals contenders either.

Its something about James that allows him to step up and do the unthinkable when the games matter the least, and there is also something that hinders him from being the hero when the games matter the most.

In addition to playoff let downs, lets observe his performances in the Olympics. After his rookie season, James played on the 2004 U.S. Olympic Basketball team in Athens, where the United States won the bronze medal in men's basketball.

James averaged just 5.8 points and 2.6 rebounds per game. It was the first time a U.S. Olympic team with NBA players failed to win the gold. To James's credit he was only a rookie that year.

Back in America he was labled the King of Basketball ,a god. Outside of the U.S.  he was just a mere mortal.

James also competed in the 2006 FIBA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Japan and averaged a improved 13.9 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 4.1 assists per game.

However, the team finished with an 8–1 record, and again he failed short of leading his team to the gold.

James would not capture the coveted Gold medal until the addition of some guy in his early thirties who in the States is apparently losing steam, but around the world this Bryant fellow is regarded as a Basketball god.

Those crazy foreigners!

From where I stand critquing Mr. James career, he's a walking highlight, a stat producing zealot with endless potential.

However if he fails to win a ring this year that will be another pulversing blow to his legacy's armor.

Lebron we are tired of hearing that you are the king and seeing that you have no bling to show for it.

Yes if things go as plan you will be garnering your second MVP, but that would take you out of the comapny of Charles Barkely, and put you in the company of two players you have more in common with Karl Malone and Steve Nash.

Both who have won two MVP's but failed short time and time again on the games biggest stages.

Lebron the NBA has given you the kingdom, you have the U.S. at your disposal in your courtyard singing the Kings praises, however the rest of the world and myself are asking you to prove you are The King.

Win on the NBA's grandest stage, The Finals, ascend up the royal mountain don your crown and sit on your throne.

Then and only then will we all truly be able to say we are witnesses.


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