JaMarcus Russell VS. Grad-Cable

Keilyn EllisCorrespondent IApril 6, 2017

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

JaMarcus Russell Vs. the media. JaMarcus Russell Vs. the "fans." JaMarcus Russell Vs. Gradkowski. JaMarcus Russell Vs. history. JaMarcus Russell Vs. Tom "We can't win with JaMarcus" Cable.


Alot of opposition for a young 24 year old Millionaire to endure within a public spectrum. Its kind of like a soap opera. I guess then you could say he is earning those Millions as the Raiders "Fall Guy."


The fact of the matter is, none of could endure this much pressure NOW let alone when we were 24. Hell, you still get all sweaty when mommy comes downstairs to lecture you on why you should get a job, and get off that damn Internet.


It's one thing for a 300 pound D-linemen is trying to sack you, that's part of the game. But when your own team begins to turn their back on you, then you HAVE to start looking at yourself.


Am I leaving the door open for inane quasi-racist commentary in any way shape or form? Even Obama had to conform. These people want a show? Then THATS what I'll give them. Now lets see if these Damn receivers can catch a ball.


JaMarcus Vs. Cable. Interesting. The worst playcaller in NFL history says the worst draft pick in NFL history sucks. Isn't that the pot calling the kettle Black? What kind of sense does this make? Maybe if you didn't call Hail Marys on first down from your own goaline your QB wouldn't get sacked so much.


Cable's love affair with Bruce Gradkowski is well publicized. They're probably holding hands right now at the Raiders Napa Valley facilities. He probably spots Grad when he's bench pressing. They probably go bowling. They probably went to the combine together to watch Jordan Shipley and Toby Gerhart workout. They're buddies. They're AL and JaMarcus.


Who has more power? JaMarc-Al or Grad-Cable? We all know the Answer to that, but we'll just keep playing the game.