Arghhh!!!! Do Fans Really Know Their WWE PG History

The PhantomCorrespondent IMarch 26, 2010

For awhile now you have seen it. A comment is posted or an article is written about how wasteful and disgusting the whole WWE PG rating era has been. For most they see the era going down in the category of what could have been or what should have been.  

But in reality, are we really looking at the whole landscape of WWE wrestling or just parts? A better question is, are we looking at both of the main WWE shows or just one?

When most mention the PG rating, they automatically lock onto RAW and say with pleasure the issues and problems that exist in the product. All the while neglecting and flat out abandoning its sister brand Smackdown.

When Smackdown is mentioned it is often lumped together with Raw and the PG rating issue. Common sayings are the "kiddie rating" or my favorite the "Cena rating". My problem is do these fans actually see the real truth behind their words. 

After reading several comments and articles, I notice an interesting trend among some WWE and TNA wrestling fans. Most do not or have not bother to ask one simple question.

How long has Smackdown been PG?

That is a serious, yet simple question that most fans have flat-out avoided or do not know the answer too. For the answer just click on the link below. This is something every PG 14 fan needs to see. 

For those of you who were to lazy to click the link, the answer to the question is Smackdown was and has always been PG. Although the link contains video from 2001, Smackdown has always been the PG alternative to RAW since the first episode of the show on August 26, 1999 and dating back to its one night stand that year in April.

To go back even further the WWE was PG throughout the 1980s and early 90s.

Why is this important? Well it indicates the PG rating is not the WWE biggest problem, when at one point half of the company's product was PG and fans had no problem with it. In short the same PG rating that saw Stone Cold drinking a beer and Billy and Chuck getting married is the same "kiddie" rating some fans are complaining about now.

Even through the attitude era to now, Smackdown has remain PG and experienced a great deal of success.

When Crash Holly was being chase around the arena for the Hardcore Championship, no one complained about PG ratings. They did not even dare associated it with being kiddie or childish. To bring it closer to now, how about the Bra and Panties matches with JBL as a commentator. Not to mention John Cena in 2005, when most complaining about PG ratings loved him then on Smackdown. It was all PG in the Smackdown world.

The trend with the stories and situations above is that they all were influenced by storylines and make believe characters coming to life with dreams and ambitions that fit who they were in the ring. You actually felt the momentum build and just simply explode when a Crash Holly, Lita, Al Snow, or heck even a Maven, came out to the ring. That is the biggest thing that is missing from the WWE on TV not a PG 14 rating.


-Phantom Out