Boston Bruins: They Don't Smell Like Roses At the Garden

Joe GillCorrespondent IIMarch 25, 2010

I guess the Bruins would rather have takeout on the road than home cooking.

Greasy hamburgers and fries are preferred over Mom’s homemade turkey dinners.

The Black and Gold must sleep better in their plush hotels than in their own beds.

Or they just hate their building.

The FleetCenter.

I mean TD BankNorth Garden.

Oh I stand corrected, TD Garden.

This edifice is no Gahden (that’s Boston for Garden).

The OLD Gahden was the Roman Coliseum for opponents.

And the Bruins were the starved lions.

No team wanted to play the Big Bad Bruins on their home ice.

They were mean, but the fans were meaner.  Those days are a distant memory.

The 2009-2010 season has been a roller coaster for the Beantown Bruins. However, most of the dips have been at home.

After another lackluster performance, the Bruins stand at 15-15-6 at home. If you throw out the OT or shootout losses, and make them just LOSSES, the Bruins are 15-21 at the TD Flower Bed (this is no Garden).

Season ticket holders have seen a team that smells more like the s-word than roses.

The Bruins have only won two games, yes, TWO games since the end of December (The Winter Classic at Fenway doesn’t count). They suffered through one of the worst home losing streaks in team history before beating the lowly Leafs on March 4th.

This was after the Bruins broke a ten-game losing streak on the road. Most people hate the hustle and bustle of life on the road.

But not these Bruins!

They won four in a row before the Olympic break.

Maybe they need an escape from the negativity flowing through the streets of the Hub of Hockey.

These Black and Gold road warriors are 18-13-6.

This is exactly what all Bruin fans want: A bottom-four finish in the playoff race.

This means they will play four out of seven on the ROAD!

That’s, of course, if they make the playoffs.

Five of their final nine games are at HOME.


"Home, Sweet Home" is the motto unless you are wearing a black and gold jersey with a spoked B on it.

Perhaps, the Bruins should sleep at a hotel and order some pizza for home games.