Carl Edwards: No More Mr. Nice Guy

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 Carl Edwards: No More Mr. Nice Guy
Tom Whitmore/Getty Images

In the past couple of weeks, Carl Edwards has taken a lot of heat for wrecking Brad Keselowski in a race a few weeks ago and all I have to say is; BRAVO!


NASCAR needs more of this and less of the nice guy image its sport has become. Edwards himself said he didn’t mean to hurt Keselowski, just give him a friendly warning that he wasn’t going to take Keselowski’s crappy driving methods any more.


Some drivers applauded Edwards, but others questioned Edwards out loud wondering if he was a bad guy. Edwards isn’t a bad guy; he is a frustrated guy who took out his angry on a fellow driver who was giving him a hard time and who can blame him?


Edwards almost won Talladega last year if it wasn’t for Keselowski bumping him out the way to win the race, almost killing Edwards and the fans in the stand, so can you blame him for seeking revenge?


Edwards even said later it was just racing and blew the whole incident off, but I guess Cousin Carl had enough and thank God for it. NASCAR has been boring as hell of late with Jimmie Johnson deciding not only to dominate late in the season, but apparently to dominate early in the season was well, so this incident has been a blessing in disguise for NASCAR.


NASCAR officials probably high five Carl and Brad for bringing back excitement to the sport and if they didn’t, they should have. I wrote this time last year that NASCAR needed a bad boy to save the sport.


I think this new Carl has even garnered him more respect from other drivers and fans alike.


Wouldn’t it be funny that after all these years of being Mr. Nice Guy that NASCAR’s next bad boy is Carl Edwards?



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