Wrestlemania: Will It Ever Take Place on an International Stage?

Yair GalavizCorrespondent IMarch 25, 2010

We all know that Wrestlemania is the wrestling event of the year. There is no question about that.

Taking into consideration that past Wrestlemania locations since 2001 (not counting NY & LA), they have all taken place in huge settings.

Wrestlemania is not only a PPV now a days, its a whole weekend experience on which people travel from all over the world to attend.

Taking this into consideration. Do you believe Wrestlemania will ever take place outside the United States?

Yes, I know Wrestlemania has taken place in Canada a few times. But Im talking about "other" destinations.

Imagine Wrestlemania at Wembley? How about Azteca stadium in Mexico?

We know the WWE is now a global phenomenom. Its huge in the UK, its been on in Mexico for almost a year and a half and its getting big.

We have seen RAW`s in the UK with packed houses. We saw Summerslam in 92 at Wembley and it was a sight to see. Why not go back there?

Everytime the WWE comes to Mexico, the sell out every arena. The prices for tickets are the same or higher than in the USA. It still sells out. The WWE will have a 8 show tour in Mexico in May I believe.

I think they are testing the water to see if they can bring a TV event soon and I believe the answer is yes. Wrestling is part of the culture in Mexico and they deserve to have Raw/Smackdown or a PPV down here.

I dont know why the WWE does not think of this. Now that Survivor Series is no longer part of the PPV line up for the WWE. They can easily make one of the 4 Big PPVs an international one.

Maybe moving Wrestlemania to Azteca Stadium and having 150,000 fans giving the WWE millions of dollars bad for business.

But Really, if Wrestlemania is a no-no, then why not keep the Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, and Summerslam in the USA. And name the PPV taking over Survivor Series as WWE "World Conquest" or some crap like that.

That would be one of the Big 4 Mayor PPVs for the WWE and you can have it one year in London, one year in Mexico, One year in Australia or Tokyo, or Rome, etc.

Make it mean something and give back to the WWE "Universe" outside the USA. Can you imagine the pop that Rey Mysterio can get at Azteca Stadium?

Im just saying, if the WWE wants to expand further, this is a good way to do it.