Wrestlemania 26: A Golden Opportunity for WWE

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer IMarch 25, 2010

Hey guys, I’m finally back. This time my talk is going to center around the granddaddy of them all, Wrestlemania 26.

I don’t know about you but the build up aside, this year's card shows a lot of promise, and if properly conducted, it can shut TNA up for a long time to come.

This is a golden opportunity for WWE to win back millions of fans. I mean a lot more people who do not watch WWE on a regular basis are going to watch, and if they can be persuaded to watch WWE regularly, that would help WWE in huge way in terms of the ratings war.

Now in this article of mine I have explained what exactly the WWE should show us at Mania, and how the matches should be conducted to make full use of this card.

Match 1: CM Punk-Rey Mysterio

The reason why I would like this match to start the show is because you always need a good, fast-paced match to kick things off.

Of all the opponents competing tonight, these two are pretty quick and interesting in the ring, plus I would not like the MITB to start things off.

I would give this match around 12-15 minutes. This match should be fast-paced and should involve both these guys delivering nonstop maneuver after maneuver to get the crowd pumped for the night.

In the end I would like to see Punk win because he is at a high in his career, and he deserves to be pushed by having the accomplishment of beating a top guy at the grandest stage of them all.

But there should be some interference by the SES, maybe pulling the referee when Rey goes for the pin.

This is because you want Punk to display that hellish character of his, and if he beats Mysterio clean, WWE fans will gain a reason not to hate Punk, and we don’t want that to happen.

Match 2: Randy Orton-Cody Rhodes-Ted DiBiase

This match, according to me, is going to be one of the less anticipated matches of the night. Not because it’s not important, but because the other matches are more anticipated and the build up for this one has not been good.

So the key to make this match an asset would be to have Rhodes and DiBiase team up against Orton for the entire match and beat the hell out of him, but in the end Orton should win.

The reason why I want Orton to win is because the other two are not well developed enough to win and making Orton win out of nowhere would be good.

I mean my idea is that after getting a good beating Orton should be lying in the center of the ring with the other two fighting, but suddenly out of nowhere Orton gets up and delivers two deadly RKO’s to both of them and goes for the pin fall. I would give this match around 8-10 minutes.

Match 3: Money In The Bank Ladder match

This match needs no specifications, we know it will do well, but just for the sake of it I would give it around 15-20 minutes.

To make this a brutal match I would say that it should involve a lot of mini-alliances in between, maybe all the heels against all the faces, or maybe Matt Hardy and Christian against Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre.

Also they could have Shelton Benjamin run like crazy out from one ladder to the other to stop MVP and Kofi Kingston when they are going for the win.

I would like this match to have many close finishes, but in the end, I say they set up a scene where both Matt and Christian are at the top and the latter pushes the former onto a table below to go for the win.

But the important thing is that this match is well managed and Shelton, Matt, MVP, and Kofi should be the standout performers.

Match 4: Triple H-Sheamus

This match, similar to the Legacy Triple Threat, will be a less anticipated match and similarly has not had a good build up. The key is to make this match an important one for the company’s future (i.e., Sheamus), and the present.

I say we give this match around 10 minutes and have HHH win, but the match should be dominated to a certain extent by Sheamus.

There should be a few moments in this match when we actually think that we are going to witness one of the biggest upsets of all time; even though HHH should dominate for the bulk, Sheamus should dominate at least 30 percent of the match.

The reason is that HHH is way bigger than Sheamus and we don’t want to upset the crowd, but we also don’t want to crush Sheamus and make him start again.  This will be the best way to keep elevating Sheamus and maintaining HHH’s respect.

Match 5: ShowMiz-John Morrison and R-Truth

Now this match could have any result and not affect things in a big way, but then again it has a whole lot of potential. If properly managed, it can really do a lot of good and elevate these guys to a whole new level, specially R-Truth.

My idea is that Miz and Morrison should wrestle the bulk of the match because they are the top mid-carders. They will be given a push soon so they should get a lot of time to show their skills.

But I would like this match to be a back and forth struggle, with the crowd's favorite changing with every move. It should be allotted around 10-12 minutes.

About the result; we can have Miz pin Morrison because I want a feud to develop between the two of them and we can really kick it off at Mania.

If the other team has to win, then Truth should pin Show because, let's accept it, he is the top guy among all of them and Truth is the least developed. I read somewhere that WWE is trying to elevate him, so this will be his perfect opportunity.

Match 6: Bret Hart-Vince McMahon

This match speaks for itself, I mean you have a legend taking on one of the most hated WWE personalities of all time, hence this match will be pretty great.

I say we have these two mimic Vince vs. Hogan at Wrestlemania 19 with a brutal 15-20 minute matchup.

Have both guys dominate for an equal amount of time, blood flowing, and great of use of chairs. Have both the opponents failing to give up but in the end, Hart should get his revenge.

By the way I hope it happens, because it is the best way, but I seriously doubt that it is going to happen because of Hart’s condition, as I read in an article.

I would say that this is a fantasy which, if it comes true, will do wonders. I hope that if WWE doesn’t make it brutal, they give us something to cheer about.

I mean the names and history are big enough, but you have got to give us something to cheer about.

Match 7: John Cena-Batista, WWE Championship

Now first of all, I know that I might invite criticism for placing this match at this position but then again, the other championship match is just as important simply because it’s build up started before and HBK vs. TAKER deserves to go on last.

I would allot this match around 20 minutes.

Now about the match, it should go on like a normal championship match. Even though these two guys don’t have the most maneuvers, the hype surrounding the match will be good enough to get high response and intensity.

About the result, I would say let Cena win because out of the two championship matches, one winner has got to be a heel.

In fact, having Cena lose might help, but I doubt that it will be well-appreciated because Cena fans will be upset and lose the intensity which they had earlier.

Match 8: Edge-Chris Jericho, World Heavyweight Championship

This match, unlike the previous match, should be well-managed and have no stipulations. It has a lot of promise and will obviously help boost ratings for the show.

Now as I said before, one champion should be a heel and by making Cena win it means that Jericho should win this match. But he should not win it clean; maybe have the referee knocked out by Edge spearing him and have him in a pin for about five seconds, and maybe have Jericho use the chair in between.

This is because you don’t want Jericho to crush a face, and you want Edge to have a reason to have a rematch. You also want a reason for the crowd to hate Jericho more.

Now Edge might be a face at the moment, but does it mean that Jericho’s win will be an upset? Of course not, I mean both guys generate a lot of applause from the crowd and by making Jericho win, and doing the unexpected, we are making fans anxious to tune in.

It makes Edge’s quest for the title all the more interesting and hence having Jericho win is the right choice. I know people might criticize me for it but to me it is the best idea.

Match 9: Shawn Michaels-Undertaker, Streak vs. Career

This match is going to make the crowd go berserk. This might just be the biggest match in the history of Mania because of the stipulation and stars involved in it.

First off, all I would like to say is that the reason why I am having this match at end is because one way or the other the crowd will lose something.

Either a streak or a career will be beaten, and fans will be disappointed and might not be able to enjoy the matches following it. It will be an offset for the crowd and you also always want the most anticipated match at end.

About the quality of the match; I have said it before and I'm going to say it again,the quality of this match will not be able to outshine the classic last year.

However if you add this match's stipulations, the results of outcome, intensity, hype, and respect, then these guys can surely make this the main event and the most anticipated match ever.

About how this match should be conducted, I don’t think that anybody needs to tell them, I mean they might not be in the same physical state as they were last year but their skills are good enough to put up an awesome match.

We don’t know about the result but considering the fact that either Shawn is going to retire or both are going to take a break if Taker loses, it means that we can expect them to put on a good 30-minute matchup before taking time off to rejuvenate themselves.

Now comes the big question, what will the result be? To be honest, I would just love to see HBK win and end Taker's streak at this year's Mania.

But I believe that it is not going to happen, but albeit of the result this match will help boost ratings of the show.

Thus if managed well, Wrestlemania 26 can become a memorable one and be one of the best in years to come.

So what do you think, is my way of handling things at Mania appropriate? Please comment and share your views.


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