Yankees Trade Deadline Dilemma: Buyers or Sellers?

Brad ZakSenior Analyst IJuly 11, 2008

We're still a couple weeks away from the trade deadline and two of the biggest names available already have new residences.  The Yankees usually garner as much curiosity at the trade deadline as the release of Dark Knight these past few weeks. 

However heading into the trade deadline the Yankees will probably find themselves among the gray area between buyers and sellers.  The Yankees this trade deadline will actually end up letting it idly pass by. 

Part of me has a belief that in the last season of the Yankee Stadium we know, love and smells like dry urine, the higher-ups would be more willing to pull the trigger on a trade for a high profile player.

However, the Santana ordeal in the off-season shows that the Yankees will be more inclined to simply hang onto their assets and prepare for the future. 

Many people would have believed that if anything the Yankees would be looking for pitching approaching the deadline however the starting rotation has been rock solid recently and the bullpen has been hitting its stride as of late.

Yet, the Yankees hitting seems to be holding them back as they continue to rely on their pitching to get them wins in two run efforts.  In some cases they have but to expect pitching that great every night is unreasonable. 

Therefore, it may seem that Mark Teixeira, Matt Holliday or Adam Dunn could become a prime object of the Yankees affection. 

As far as Teixeira goes, I don't see the Yankees shelling the money he is going to command after they are just now getting over the unbelievable contract of Jason Giambi. 

Matt Holliday could come at two high of a price tag for them as they would be unwilling to part with a top of the line pitching prospect that the Rockies would most likely covet.  Adam Dunn would add some pop to the lineup but he would add to an already crowded outfield. 

The most logical decision would to be add a bullpen arm rather than hope and pray that Kyle Farnsworth and Co. continue to hold up their winning ways.  The Yankees could target Huston Street or Brian Fuentes but their price tags could be too high to induce an offer. 

Damaso Marte, a lefty from Pittsburgh, could be a cost effective option who would provide the Yankees with a lefty arm.

However, I see the deadline coming and going with not much action out of the Yankees camp.  They are more likely to implement reinforcements from within and hope and pray that certain struggling members seem to turn it around.

Johnny Damon will come off the DL soon, Hideki Matsui's future is still uncertain, Phillip Hughes in on his way back, Ian Kennedy could get another shot in the bigs this year and hell even Carl Pavano might be available soon (if you believe that one I'll tell you about how Kevin Brown may come out of retirement for the stretch run as well).

For now the Yankees are in a definite holding pattern and holding out hope that sometime soon a takeoff will be in order.