No Fear... GSP Will Rip Through Hardy

The Truth TurcottCorrespondent IMarch 25, 2010

   Hey Sports Fans. It's been awhile eh? Happy 2010 to you all, hope all is well with you and yours.

   U.F.C 111 is drawing near and I hope the guys who like to talk are ready to fight. When the cage doors close the talking is over.

   Haven't really been following the hype too much on this event, but as usual the challengers always have something to say.

   Mir as great as he is, is a jerk...I hope he wins just so Brock can beat him to a pulp again, the man is a mouth piece and as of late a sore loser, and a worse winner. I would have thought his last fight with Brock would have taught him a lesson...I guess not. I really hope he gets past Carwin.

   Mir is awesome as a fighter, he has all the tools to get the job done except size and strength. I believe the only chance Carwin has is his heavy hands, I still believe he's too slow and lethargic to hang with the likes of Frank. Shane is a great grappler but he's no Brock when it comes to speed...sorry Sports Fans it's "The truth."

   I see this as a second round victory by arm bar for Frank, he's just too smooth for the likes of Carwin. I just hope Frank can keep his mouth shut when they raise his hand in victory. I also hope that when Frank loses to Brock again that the U.F.C. adds  Super Heavyweight as a weight class. That way guys like Cain Valasquez have a chance at becoming champion.

   The main event features in my opinion the best Pound for Pound fighter in the world in GSP. After his shocking loss to Serra (you remember the guy who won the lottery with a punch) GSP has taken out all opponents decisively and effectively.

   He is the most dominant fighter the Welterweight Division has ever seen. Unlike Serra, Hardy's only chance is the lottery punch, Serra also possesses great ground skills as well.

   I'm not sure Hardy is in the same class as GSP, I know he's beaten some good fighters, but I don't see this going beyond the third round if that far. GSP is going to take Hardy down and destroy him. You can say what you want about Hardy but he's never been taken to the ground by someone like GSP.

   Saturday March 27th 2010 you'll hear the words..."and the winner by way of technical  knock out, and still the U.F.C. Welterweight Champion of the World...George Rush St. Pierre." And that's "The Truth"

   That's all for now Sports Fans