Missouri Tigers Position Preview: Cornerback

Peter FleischerSenior Writer IJuly 11, 2008

It's been a while since I came out with my linebacker preview, but I'm back on track, this time with the cornerbacks.

Another item of note for Mizzou fans or college football fans: I'm really trying to get a showdown in order with KU Football Community Leader Jimson Cuenta.

A lot of people may know Jimson from his articles and interesting predictions, so I want to have a head-to-head matchup, breaking down our two teams and debating which is better.

This may not interest anybody, as it's really just two knuckleheads arguing, or maybe you guys would love to see it.  Let me know either way, as Jimson is apparently open to the idea.

If anybody wants to (RESPECTFULLY) encourage or provoke him into this little contest, I'd love the support.

Anyway, back to Mizzou.


Carl Gettis came out of nowhere last season as a true freshman to play some of the best corner (a position he'd never played before) that Columbia had seen in a while.  He'll have one of the corner spots locked down.

Gettis has good size, at six foot even, and speed (he used to be a running back).  He's also a really intense, physical, and fiery guy who doesn't back down from anybody.  I'd love him on my team any day.

At the other spot, senior Castine Bridges will start.  Bridges is big (6'3'') but has been a streaky performer.  He's definitely got a knack for big plays and ballhawking, so hopefully he can be solid, if not great, and limit any big plays on his side.

Senior Tremane Vaughns will look to get on to the field as a backup, but he's not alone.  Sophomores Kevin Rutland and Trey Hobson both got rave reviews after big springs and should get some time too.

As far as the true freshmen go, one might shed a redshirt, and it would probably be Robert Steeples if that happens.  Steeples has good size and speed and is the physical type of corner that Mizzou seems to like.

This is a really, really deep position for the team.  Because only two players take the field at CB at all times, there will never be an end to the able and talented bodies at that spot.

The big question is, can somebody emerge and be a lockdown guy opposite Carl Gettis?  We'll find out soon.