Controversial Article About Evan Turner Being a Selfish Jerk is Outrageous

Jasmyn LillyContributor IIMarch 25, 2010

MILWAUKEE - MARCH 19:  Evan Turner #21 of the Ohio State Buckeyes cheers on his team late in the second half against the UC Santa Barbara Gauchos during the first round of the 2010 NCAA men's basketball tournament at the Bradley Center on March 19, 2010 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Buckeyes defeated the Gauchos 68-51.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
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Is this how you support your star player?

I just read an incredibly offensive and disturbing article, Evan Turner Wasn't Always So Friendly, by Chris Littman. In this article OSU bench player Mark Titus, who writes a blog entitled Club Trillion, crossed the line as he undermined and demeaned the character of Ohio State star Evan Turner.  

Yes "the Evan Turner,” you know, the one who broke his back this year for his team. 

Yeah, that's the one.  He just got blindsided by his own teammate.  A bench player no less.  Someone who doesn't even play, gives an interview and calls him a “head case.”

This happens now? At a time when this team is on the verge of uncharted territory, Mark Titus, a guy who does nothing, gives nothing, and gains everything;  bad mouths the one player who does everything to help his team win.  

In the article among other things he says, "Turner was out for himself," "hated everyone" and was a "head case" his freshman year.  Did anyone see OSU his freshman year? I did, suffice it to say Turner won the NIT for them. The rest is history.

Now I am no authority here, but were I the coach,  Thad Matta, I would kindly tell this guy to pack his things and go home. 

He has not made one contribution towards this team's winning record. He can't even be counted on to sub in to let one of the starters rest.  He rides on the coattails of their star player and every other player and tattles about what he sees from the bench.    

Let's be clear, the game is won by the players that actually go into the game. Yet this Titus character seems to think he is the star. Is that fair to the other players? Is it cute to have a guy along who  constantly take potshots and undermines the character of the players, one in particular, who could make or break the results of their tournament run? I don't think so. 

I write this because I am sick of reading the trite Titus has been spewing about Turner.  I read his blogs. In most every statement he demeans and insults Turner in an effort to be cheeky. Now I know kidding around when I hear it. Fun is fun; but more and more Titus insinuates negative things about Turner's character and paints him in a less than flattering light. 

Let's get one thing straight Mark Titus, the only reason you have access to Mr. Turner is because you are along for the ride.   

It is a privilege to ride, fly, and go all around the country wearing the scarlet and grey.   I am disgusted by your lack of character and sportsmanship. I mean you wear your lack of contribution like a badge of honor. This is not funny, it's just sad.

I think we can all agree that Turner has shown more character this season than anyone could expect. There is no need to doubt what kind of person he is. 

Yet, at a time when he needs all hands on deck, he gets a gut check from someone who does nothing but sit the bench.  Titus does benefit from the perks of being on the team.  He has gotten famous by tweeting, blogging and writing about Evan Turner. If I'm not mistaken, Evan Turner wore his Club Trillion shirt to support the kids.  

It is obvious that Titus is a wolf in sheep's clothing. He has done nothing to contribute to the Big Ten Title, he doesn't even complete all of the practice workouts.  

Does he realize that he's biting the hand that feeds him? It is time to put a stop to all this extraneous shenanigans. 

He is not the "star" of this team. He doesn't even play.  

He publicly admits, and thinks it is funny, that he wasn't even good enough to be the team manager.  

Is it any wonder that Turner,  a guy who comes in early and stays late in order to get better, has little patience let alone tolerance for this self-professed slacker.   

Now I am a Buckeye fan. I've watched every game for the last two years. I have seen the effort, dedication and time (on and off the court) Evan Turner has put in to this team. He has given his all, even broke his back, for this team.   

Can any coach, worth his salt allow a bench player to publicly defame his star player without any repercussions?  

Is it allowable for a bench player who barely practices to undermine the reputation of a player who proves day in and day out how much he loves his teammates and is committed to doing whatever his coach needs him to do to help his team win?   

No. It is reprehensible and intolerable.

Mark Titus tweets disparaging remarks about Turner as they ride the bus home from a game that Turner has won for them. He invades the privacy and betrays the confidences of his teammates. Let's face it, we all know his blogs are read because he blogs Turner's name in them just so people will hit his site. We all know the deal here. 

It was no big deal to give a carrot to the benchwarmer when it does no harm. 

Now he has crossed the line. 

This underhanded behavior doesn't deserve to ride the back of a team that won the Big Ten Tournament. He did nothing, nothing to contribute to this team's success.

For that reason, it is fitting that he forfeit his undeserved share of the spoils.

To have this self professed do nothing, (Club Trillion stands for going in the game and having 000000000 as his stat line) benefit from the work of others is just plain wrong.   

Turner does everything every game. To which his almost historical stat line; 20, 9, 5, 3  can attest. Turner carries the weight of this team on his shoulders. Everyone will hold him responsible if OSU wins or loses.

Does he deserve to have a teammate call him a nutcase to a reporter of The Sporting News?  

Does Titus deserve to get the benefits, perks and fame of being a Buckeye?   

Read the article, "Evan Turner wasn't always so friendly" and see if you think Titus is a good teammate.  Then look back at his previous tweets, blogs and writing. There has been a pattern developing here. If I recall Coach Izzo suspended Allen, who actually contributed to his team, for being a bad teammate.   

What is a reasonable yet fair response to a teammate undermining another player? Never mind one on which their focus is critical to their team's overall success. 

That's easy. Send him home. 

He doesn't contribute anything toward the Sweet 16. Wearing the jersey is a gift he clearly doesn't appreciate. He benefits from being on the team, not the other way around. 

Maybe he should be knocked down a peg. Taught a valuable lesson. 

It is obvious he forgot the people who got him where he is in the first place.

I am curious to see what David Lighty, Jon Diebler and William Buford have to say about Mark Titus, and his season-long play for the spotlight. Haven't they deserved a share of that spotlight, to have the fans cheer for them? 

They do actually go into the game, even been injured playing. Not to mention that they actually sweat for the win. It is a disservice to continue to have him on the bench giving nothing, while they give their all.    

Let's face it, Matta himself, takes a lot of heat because he doesn't have a bench to turn to, and now that same bench turns on its star player. Is it o.k.?   

He uses this team's hard work, sacrifice and talent as a springboard for a acting career or whatever he says he want to do. Does he deserve to be interviewed, congratulated and glorified by smearing the character, making fun of, and basically adding nothing to the goal of the team which is to win every game from here on out?

He is not a team player. Evan Turner is a team player.

Does what he writes build camaraderie? Does his invasive tweets and snide remarks add to the stat sheet or wins on the season? Is this blog worth him getting a championship ring or the Buckeyes losing a trip to the Final Four? 

No. He doesn't deserve to be get accolades or trophies.   

I remember the interview on "The journey" about how Evan Turner wanted a trophy so bad that went out and bought one. His mother rightly told him to take it back.

Trophies, like respect are earned.

Now I think Evan Turner has earned the the Big Ten trophy and at the very least the repect and loyalty of his teammates. Will Matta condone a bench player who publicly calls his star player a nutcase?     

An example needs to be set. It is a privilege to be a teammate. It is a privilege to wear the scarlet and gray.  Mark Titus has flippantly disregarded that privilege. It was a gift, and he threw it away. 

He used it for his own purposes and now his true colors are showing. Green, green, green with envy. Ugly. 

You may think I am taking this too far, but Evan Turner is nominated for Player of the Year at this moment. 

Fans are voting their choice for this award. Titus' comments purposely undermine all of  Turner's efforts by turning people off. What was his intention by saying those things in that article? It was blatantly demeaning.

He said things that, if there were any truth in them, were better left in practice or in the locker room.    

I, for one, can understand Turner throwing the ball at him. He rebounded for a guy who will never see any minutes. A guy who takes pride in that fact. 

While Turner, on the other day in and day out to get better, to help his team, to improve his skills so he can play yet another position for the team.   

It is no wonder he couldn't respect Mark Titus, a self-proclaimed slacker, who takes for granted suiting up because he doesn't care whether he plays or not. That's so funny it's sad.

Evan Turner has given his all to the Ohio State Buckeyes. He almost lost it all playing for them and this guy has the nerve to call him out, and say he was a nutcase.    

Titus' has spit in the eye of everyone who supports the team. He obviously believes  what he says and thinks is more important than being a loyal teammate, or even a decent person.   

What kind of person takes advantage of a triumph he has done nothing, nothing to earn? Then, in the next moment, turns around  and disses the tournament MVP in a tweet;  "Evan Turner is listening to Lady Gaga..."  What is that about?

Who cares what a guy who has just scored over 30 points to win the conference championship listens to? Hell, he can listen to anything he wants.

In this story, Mark Titus is the villain. In this story the villain doesn't win. In this story the villain loses everything and learn a lesson lesson. Jerks don't prosper. 

I implore the fans to boycott this Trillion club. Don't let Mark Titus believe he is bigger than the Buckeye team. Don't let anyone think that one part is greater, than the whole.    

Matta, take back your uniform, take back his access to the team, take back his share of a title he didn't earn. 

Send him home. Let that be his cloak of glory.   

The Buckeyes won't be losing anything...nothing at all.



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