Michael Beasley Bitten by Mosquito, Out Until Preseason

Taylor SmithAnalyst IJuly 11, 2008

The mood was solemn around the Miami Heat's temporary practice facility in Orlando Friday morning.

Michael Beasley had been stung by a mosquito, and his return is uncertain.

"Michael was stung in the lower back by a mosquito earlier this morning, and he will be held out of action until at least the preseason," said Heat team president Pat Riley.

Heat teammate Earl Barron was witness to the attack.

"I had kinda seen it out of the corner of my eye, but by the time I saw it land on him, I knew it was too late," he said. "I feel terrible knowing that I could've prevented the whole thing."

The good news is that the vicious mosquito was taken down and promptly killed by the Heat training staff.

"Once we saw Mike swat towards his back, we knew we had to do something", trainer Jay Sabol said. "We ran out there with all sorts of spray and broomsticks, whatever we could find. I just hope that whoever sent him in knows what's coming to him." 

Beasley, however, didn't seem too phased by the bite.

"Yeah, I don't really know what the big deal is", he said, sleepy-eyed. "I mean, I've been stung about a million times by these things. Plus, the team needs me. I've scored every single point for the Heat in summer league so far. But whatever."

The remainder of practice was canceled because none of the Heat players would be able to keep their focus after the attack.

I got the opportunity to ask head coach Erik Spoelstra, "As head coach, was it your decision to cancel practice?"

He replied, "What? Are you talking to me? I'm the head coach? I'm like 29 years old, whose idea was that?"

It is believed that the mosquito entered the building through a door to the facility that had accidentally been left ajar. 

Third-string Heat center Joel Anthony was blamed for leaving it open, and promptly cut.

Meanwhile, Heat owner Micky Arison was rushed to a local hospital upon hearing the news.

"Micky's doing fine," said Riley. "I sent all the guys to the hotel so that they can relax and try to distract themselves from what happened here today."

It is currently unknown whether or not Beasley will be ready for the season opener.