Legacy, Orton, Triple H, and Sheamus: Whose Lights Will Be Going Out?

lee raydeanCorrespondent IMarch 25, 2010

I watched a match on RAW last night that I thought would be more brutal than it actually was. Okay I sound as if I like violence, but I really don't, scripted or not.

The match: A 3-on-2 handicap match, Sheamus and Legacy vs. Randy Orton and Triple H. To be honest with you all, I honestly believed that Orton and Triple H couldn't co-exist with each other, but I was proven wrong.

Now then this match was good but I thought it didn't last long enough and I thought there could've been more action. Randy did however keep up with Legacy and Sheamus..

Dibiase and Rhodes turned their backs on Orton. He was their mentor, their friend. I know he plays the role of a psychopath to the hilt, does it quite well.

In the past, Legacy would interfere in Orton's matches to help Randy if he was, let's say, his opponent was getting the best of him and a title was in jeopardy.

Now they interfere so Randy's opponent will win the match and they get their revenge for what Randy put them through in the past. They broke free and are presently on their own as a young thriving tag team with a lot of potential as they have proven.

They may be good but Randy taught them and nurtured them. That is Orton's downfall. I'm glad he didn't teach them everything he knew.

All right, back to the match on RAW this week. HHH came out and was watching Legacy and Sheamus out of the corner of his eye as he did his ritual before entering the ring. Randy soon followed.

The match began and Legacy was right on target and they got the upper hand on HHH. Sheamus tagged in and things seem to get worse for HHH and Orton,

Legacy kept HHH away from his corner so he couldn't tag Orton in. Was Legacy maybe a little cautious because they know what Orton is capable of doing? How dangerous he can be with a snap of a finger.

HHH is no slouch, excuse me if I didn't give him proper credit. He is one of the great wrestlers. He doesn't pull any punches. Says what he feels and does what he says he is going to do.

Back to the match, yet again. HHH did have his moments but Legacy was a little too much. You put Sheamus in the mix and things get out of hand. A whole lot of trouble. People get hurt.

Legacy frequently tagged in and out. They never let up, until HHH was hurt and finally made it over to Orton. Randy wasted no time in getting sweet revenge. His old self shone through.

He clutched his teeth together after he handed out RKO's. He was down on the mat and the WWE Universe were on their feet. He was waiting like a vicious animal does when they wait for that exact moment to strike their prey.

Randy was back. He had cleared the ring except for Cody Rhodes.. He had him in between the ropes, ready to do an elevated DDT. Out of nowhere comes the Irish brawler, the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus, to kick Randy in the left temple.

Randy was out on the mat and was pinned. Now Legacy and Sheamus think that Randy and HHH are wussies, not worth wrestling, they think HHH and Randy are beneath them.

Did they forget who taught them how to survive in the ring? How to get the upper hand no matter what you have to do to get it, no matter who and what they hurt.

That's called survival in Randy's almanac. It may not be the right way, but it works for him.

At WM26, when HHH faces Sheamus, you can bet that its going to be brutal. The same goes for the triple threat match, Orton vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Ted Dibiase. This match will have many ups and downs, ins and outs.

This may bring the three of them back together as a unit or destroy them. When the five faced each other on RAW this week, Cody and Ted were talking smack but they also threw a few digs at each other.

So like I said, this could go in a few different directions. They can team up on Orton but what's going to happen when they have to go against each other? Will they be able to hold it together for that match or will this tear this young tag team apart?

Is it possible that Randy knows what's going to happen? He'll let them destroy each other, while he stands idly by.

God only knows the outcome and don't let me forget the writers because we all know that this is scripted.