Ahmed Kaddour: Back to Boxing and Better Than Before

Larry TornambeContributor IMarch 24, 2010

Ahmed Kaddour: Back and Better Than Before


By Larry Tornambe



Training camp for Ahmed Kaddour has him fit and ready to headline a Friday night fight card in Hamilton, NJ.  “I am already at 155 pounds” Kaddour said earlier in the week, “I was serious and this is one of my best training camps.”  Kaddour’s 8-round Jr. Middleweight bout against Jerome “Boomer” Ellis is one of seven fights on Nedal’s Promotions show.


It is a return for both, Kaddour and promoter Nedal Abuhomoud.   Nedal had promoted shows in New Jersey for about five-years but boxing has been forced away for about three years so Nedal could attend to family business after his father passed away.  


Kaddour is best known for his appearance on the boxing reality show, “The Contender” in 2004.  Ahmed (21-2-2) said he scored a 1st round knockout in front of a talent agent for the Contender show and was brought in to audition against three sparring partners.  “I knocked out all three and was on the show”.  


But Kaddour says all he got from his “Contender” appearance was “publicity and two bad losses on his record.  “I am known in countries you wouldn’t believe knew anything about boxing, but from me being on the show I am asked for autographs and photos.”


I beat Alphonso Gomez, but they scored it for Gomez”.  Gomez was a nice character on the show while “editing made me look like a villain” because of his loud differences of opinion with Ishe Smith, another boxer on the show.  


After his two defeats and exit from the TV show, Ahmed had three fights before things got wild in real life.   Kaddour and his wife had a baby in 2006 and then an ugly divorce, an arrest and time in prison.  Upon his release, Ahmed, went back to be with family in Denmark.   He scored five National Titles in Denmark, where he had already earned a Masters Degree in Machine Engineering.


The time with family renewed his hunger to box, although “I didn’t train in three years” while out of the ring.  But a call to fight was accepted by Kaddour with only three weeks of training.  The risk seemed high, but Ahmad scored a 6-round decision win while weighing 159 lbs in September.  


Kaddour was better than the risk and the opponent.  He has also bested his past demons and now gets along fine with his ex-wife and “my son knows who I am”.   He lives with his mom in Los Angeles and I moved to Florence, NJ, but “we webcam and they are coming to Friday’s fight.   So I am dedicating this fight to my son”.  Ahmed also is cool with Ishe.   The past is gone and Ahmed is focused on the future.


Ahmed beams a positive light on training camp, “I am healthy, my mind is right, no distractions, Nedal is like a brother”   Kaddour’s nickname ‘Babyface’ shines with a bright smile, “I am one-step closer to getting ranked.  I will be world champion.  I am pushing myself and I am better than before.”  


We’ll see on Friday as he faces Ellis (12-10-2) at the Hamilton Manor in Hamilton, NJ.   Also in the ring will be Terrance Cauthen, U.S. Bronze medalist in the 1996 Olympics, trying to get back to winning after two straight losses and former Super Middleweight contender and thrilling battler, Omar Sheika.  Sheika has one win after being dropped by Roy Jones, Jr. in 2009. 


Tickets are still available {(609) 209-5642} and the bouts are slated to be broadcast on www.GoFightlive.com beginning about 7:30pm