2010 NCAA Tournament Report Card: All Teams Through the Second Round

Dominic GassmanContributor IMarch 25, 2010

No. 1 Seeds


Kansas = F

They didn't play well at all against Lehigh, and they looked pitiful against Northern Iowa.  It was only a two point loss yes, but if Northern Iowa didn't give away a few points towards the end, it could have been a double digit loss.

So much for the team that was gonna roll to the 'ship.


Duke = A-

They showed everybody this past Sunday against Cal that one of their big three can have an off night, yet the team can still survive.

I seriously question Duke's abilities against high-ranked competition, but Purdue should be easily manageable for the Blue Devils.


Syracuse = A

They dominated Gonzaga without Onuaku and virtually without Rick Jackson.  It's tough to tell where they really stand right now, they haven't played legitimate competition yet, but if Onuaku comes back soon, they shouldn't have too many worries.


Kentucky = A+

You can't really argue with two 30 point wins.  I see Kentucky continuing the blowout trend vs. Cornell.


No. 2 Seeds


Villanova = F

This team really dissappointed me.  Where was the 2009 Villanova?

Where was Scottie Reynolds?

Lots of people had this team going far, and they were truly lucky that they didn't get bounced first round.


West Virginia = B+

I am really worried that the Mountaineers may be putting too much of the load on Butler.  Can he really stay hot?

Regardless, they shouldn't have to worry too much against Washington.  Mazzula and Ebanks should shut down Pondexter and Thomas.


Ohio State = B+

I would give them an A, but their performance against Georgia Tech was slightly troubling.  Evan Turner should keep this team rolling, though, but they need to be very wary of Tennessee.


Kansas State = A

Props to the team which just got to its first Sweet 16 since the late 1980s.  If Jacob Pullen continues to play so spectacularly, they might have a shot at the title.


No. 3 Seeds


Georgetown = Z

What the hell?  The Hoyas were the biggest dissappointment.  It hurt to see this result.  What a fluke.


New Mexico = D+

Sure, they beat Montana, but they didn't bother to show up against a worthy Washington team.

Sorry Darrington Hobson, Steve Alford, and Ramon Martinez.  You were overrated.


Pittsburgh = C-

They lost to Xavier, whom I really respect.  Jordan Crawford is something else.

However, I expected a lot out of these guys.  And didn't really see anything.

Congrats to Jamie Dixon on a very good coaching job though, after losing Fields, Blair, and Young.


Baylor = B

Sure, they are in the Sweet 16, but they struggled twice.  Old Dominion was a very good team though; they beat Georgetown and Notre Dame this year.

Hopefully the Bears can really prove themselves against St. Mary's.


No. 4 Seeds


Wisconsin = D-

They beat Wofford.  I don't care, that doesn't save them from a very low grade.

Cornell completely brought them out of their defensive element.  Cornell shot 60 percent against a Bo Ryan team.  That is rare.

Ouch, Badgers. Ouch.


Vanderbilt = D

I will give them a bit of credit.  They were virtually underdogs considering how many people expected Murray State to pull this off.  And Thomas gave Murray State a really lucky shot at the end.

But they should have done much, much better.


Maryland = B+

I know they are out, but Maryland played pretty well.  They shut down Houston's upset bid, one that I believed was going to happen.

Then they went up against a great-coached Michigan State team and lost, but only due to an incredible shot by Lucious.

It's just bad luck, Maryland.


Purdue = A

Wow! I am genuinely impressed by the Boilermakers.  They avoided upset against Siena, which may have been the most widely predicted upset in the tournament.  Then, they beat a well polished Texas A&M team.

Good work, guys.


No. 5 Seeds


Temple = F

Ugh...so many made shots by Cornell.


Texas A&M = C-

They handled Utah State in the battle of the Aggies, but I was really shocked that they couldn't handle Purdue.  Purdue is really quieting their haters this tournament.

I expect more, A&M.


Butler = A-

They are really playing some good basketball and present a scary matchup for the Orange.  They managed to beat Murray State this weekend despite Matt Howard being in foul trouble.


Michigan State = A-

They had trouble with New Mexico State, but the perseverance they showed against Maryland without Kalin Lucas was remarkable.

I don't think they can get past Northern Iowa without him, though.


No. 6 Seeds


Notre Dame = C-

Really, Notre Dame should have won.  Well, they should have gotten rid of Harangody, because he is a plague.  He shot 2-for-9, I believe, and really made some crucial mistakes.

The Irish had a poor shooting night, and as CBSSports said, they can't afford that.

Maybe a little highly seeded to begin with.


Marquette = C-

They blew what could have been a blowout win into a shocking upset.  This was a team that flew under the radar for most of the year, and probably should have just stayed there.


Tennessee = B

They haven't played anybody of substance yet, so the jury is still out on these guys.  They will definitely be a scary team if they defeat Ohio State; that will give them three wins over top-five teams.


Xavier = A

Jordan Crawford, you are my new favorite player.  This guy is insane! Xavier might not be stopping anytime soon.


No. 7 Seeds


Clemson = C-

Not much to say about this team.  I live in Kansas City and see Missouri play, and they really aren't good.  Clemson shouldn't have lost this game.  It was a really boring game though, maybe the least interesting first round game.


Richmond = C-

Another team that should have done much much better.  LeBron James picked the Spiders to reach the Elite Eight.  I had them winning this game, and they flopped.

But St. Mary's is playing great basketball, so maybe they were just not the better team.


Oklahoma State = C

If James Anderson had been on, Oklahoma State would have won this game.

He wasn't; they lost.  It's quite simple.



Yeah, they lost to Kansas State in the second round, but BYU impressed me.  They hung tough with Florida through two overtimes.  They got their first tournament win in a long time.

Good job, guys.


No. 8 Seeds



They played Northern Iowa, and as lame as that sounded two days ago, it sounds pretty good now.  So, I don't blame them too much.

But Kruger's kids should have represented better. 


Texas = C+

What a fall this team experienced.  Weren't they 17-0 and No. 1 in the nation at one point?  Wow.

Johnson really cost them by missing two FTs in the last seconds.  Lucky shot by Wake Forest wins it for them.


Gonzaga = B-

Yeah they got past FSU, but they didn't even show up against Syracuse.

When are Mark Few's boys going to do something again?  It doesn't cut it just making the tournament.


California = B

Louisville didn't deserve to be in the tournament in my opinion, and Cal kinda proved that for me.  They did alright against Duke, they weren't expected to win.

Overall, a pretty good season for the Golden Bears. 


No. 9 Seeds


Louisville = D

Eh.  Why were you guys in the tournament again? All you did was beat Syracuse twice.  That is it.

You couldn't even beat Cal?  Come on, Rick Pitino...very disappointing.


Florida State = C-

Not much to say here, another overrated ACC team that didn't stack up in tournament play.  I didn't expect them to win anyways.


Wake Forest = B

I was impressed with the win over Texas.  They played well, despite only winning because of a last second shot.

The 30 point loss to UK was a bit disheartening though.


Northern Iowa = A+

A+ for sure.  Is there any doubt?

They beat a UNLV team that spent time in the polls, and then pulled off THE BIGGEST UPSET IN TOURNEY HISTORY.  Yes, I said it.

Gotta love Ali Farokhmanesh!


No. 10 Seeds


Florida = C+

People will hate the selection committee for putting Florida in over Mississippi State and Illinois, but really, Florida was the right choice here.  They played a great game, they just couldn't close in the last two overtimes.

I definitely would have given them a better shot against BYU than any bubble team that missed out.


Georgia Tech = B

They beat a potent Oklahoma State team and tested Ohio State a little bit.  It was a pretty good effort, but Favors and Lawal could have done more this year.


Missouri = B

The Clemson win was eh.. But they hung tough against WVU, my title pick.

Good job, Tigers.  I still hate you ;)


St. Mary's = A+

As much as Omar Samhan annoys me, this team certainly deserves their A+.

They shut down a Richmond team that had a great year.

They controlled Villanova from start to finish.

I really don't see too many weaknesses with this team.  They played decent with Samhan in foul trouble.

Elite Eight maybe?


No. 11 Seeds


Minnesota = D-

I don't care if Tubby Smith is their coach, they didn't deserve this bid.  They played close to home in Milwaukee and got dominated by Jordan Crawford.

Mississippi State should have been here.  Poor choice, selection committee.


San Diego State = C

I really didn't expect them to beat a Tennessee team that knocked off Kansas and Kentucky in the same year, but they played well and gave the Vols a run for their money.  They deserved their bid.


Old Dominion = B-

They beat Notre Dame, a very hot team coming into the tournament.  But actually, Notre Dame beat themselves.

ODU just sat back and let ND bleed.  Harangody turned the ball over several times and couldn't hit anything.  Notre Dame shot below 40 percent.  Simply, it wasn't ND's day, thats why ODU got to play Baylor.

They did alright, but they were No. 27 in RPI; they could have been more competitive.


Washington = A+

A+ and my most impressive team.

Everyone was hating on the Pac-10 this year.  Well, Washington rallied from 17 down against a solid Marquette team, and then they blew out the team with the third best record in the NCAAs.  Thats A+ worthy.


No. 12 Seeds


Utah State = D+

Didn't deserve the bid.  Plain and simple.  Put Illinois here next time, selection committee.



Ditto.  Didn't deserve this bid.  Give it to Va. Tech or maybe even Arizona State next time.


New Mexico State = B+

I know they didn't win, but I didn't expect these guys to do anything.  They almost bounced Izzo's squad in the first round.  Impressive.


Cornell = B+

You must be wondering why I am not giving them an A of some sort.  Well, they have shot 60 percent both games...that is really lucky.  They won't keep this luck up, I guarantee you.  Especially against an athletic Kentucky team.

Temple and Wisconsin were both overrated as it was.  Sorry Cornell, you just got lucky.


No. 13 Seeds


Houston = C+

It was a strong effort, I love Aubrey Coleman.  They just had an unfavorable matchup.

Good effort, Cougars.


Siena = C+

I was kinda expecting something more here, Saints.  I knew Purdue would win, but I didn't see anything out of these guys which makes me think they should have pulled it off.


Wofford = B-

They scared Bo Ryan.  Nice :)

I had never even heard of Wofford.


Murray State = A

No A+ here, because I really think they should have beaten Butler, but thank you guys for beating Vanderbilt.

I hate Ogilvy and I did pick you guys.  Very impressive win. 


No. 14 Seeds

Oakland = C-

They stayed close for the first eight minutes, if that is worth anything.


Sam Houston State = C+

They tested Baylor, and I respect that. 


Montana = B+

Woah! They almost shocked New Mexico.  I guess it was just a sign of things to come for the Lobos.


Ohio = A+

They knocked off a No. 3 seed.  A three-seed that should have been a No. 2, maybe.

This was a top ten upset of all time which won't even be the best upset of its year.


No. 15 Seeds


UCSB, North Texas, Morgan State = C-

They didn't get murdered, but didn't show any life.  But 15 seeds aren't expected to.


Robert Morris = A

You would have a plus behind that A if you had won!


No. 16 Seeds


Winthrop = F

Did they even show up to the play-in game?


Vermont, ETSU = C-

They got hammered, which was expected.


Arkansas Pine-Bluff = C+

They got hammered, yes, but they also got their program's first tournament win.  Good job.


Lehigh = B+

They really tested Kansas for about 30 minutes.  Very impressive.


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