NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 Picks: West Virginia, Kentucky, Duke and More!

Dominic GassmanContributor IMarch 24, 2010

Here are my picks for Thursday and Friday's action.


Sweet 16
Michigan State vs. Northern Iowa
Result: Michigan State 58-52

Ohio State vs. Tennessee
Result: Tennessee 71-69

Elite 8
Michigan State vs. Tennessee
Result: Tennessee 69-65


Sweet 16
Syracuse vs. Butler
Result: Butler 76-72

Kansas State vs. Xavier
Result: Kansas State 87-77

Elite 8
Kansas State vs. Butler
Result: Kansas State 82-71


Sweet 16
Kentucky vs. Cornell
Result: Kentucky 80-64

West Virginia vs. Washington
Result: West Virginia 77-76

Elite 8
Kentucky vs. West Virginia
Result: West Virginia 78-74


Sweet 16

Duke vs. Purdue
Result: Duke 66-57

Baylor vs. St. Mary's
Result: Baylor 92-74

Elite 8
Baylor vs. Duke
Result: Baylor 84-76


Tennessee vs. Kansas State
Result: Kansas State 78-74
I think Kansas State's big men can match up with Tennessee's athleticism down low, and I question Tennessee's abilities to shut down KSU guards Clemente and Pullen.  When those two are hot, they can beat virtually anybody.  KState really benefits from Kansas disappearing from the bracket.

West Virginia vs. Baylor
Result: West Virginia 90-86
First team to 90 may very well win this game.  I give it to West Virginia: As long as Da'Sean Butler is hot, nobody can beat these guys. Baylor's spectacular run ends here.  Great season for LaceDarius Dunn,Udoh, and my favorite - Tweedy Carter.

Championship Game

West Virginia vs. Kansas State
Result: West Virginia 82-78
Joe Mazzula can frustrate Jacob Pullen, and again, I don't see anybody that can really control Devin EBanksand Da'Sean Butler from the Kansas State Wildcats.  I expect those two stars to take control of the Championship game.  Remarkable season for both squads. 

FINAL FOUR MVP: Da'Sean Butler