WWE, What Is The Problem?

Jerimiah NicholsContributor IMarch 24, 2010

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  Wrestler Triple H gestures to the crowd during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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Kicking off this article I would like to discuss what is wrong with the WWE, starting with the RAW Guest Host's.


RAW Guest Host's:

Batista was the first RAW Guest Host and it made sense. Then you saw Bob Barker, Ozzy, Shaquille O'Neal, Seth Green and ZZ Top and many others. The thing that bothers me is that Batista is the only active WWE Superstar to be named as a RAW Guest Host. The WWE should start using more of its active Superstars as Guest Host's so they can be implemented into the storyline for building up there PPV's. 



1. Sheamus winning the WWE Championship within 5 months of his debut is completely without logic. First of all the man needs a tan, and secondly, he needs to pay his dues in the business before being propelled to the top of the company. 

2. Bret Hart vs Vince McMahon (No Holds Barred) at WrestleMania is something many of us have wanted to feast our eyes on for a long time. Bret Hart is in no condition to compete. Due to his stroke several years ago he can not be dropped on his head, or back. WWE had to work out a deal with Bret Hart's insurance company before making it official. Bret Hart confirmed this during a interview recently. Do not expect an awesome match to take place because it will likely be a quick match, with very little excitement.

3. Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania (Streak vs Career) is a bad idea. Last years WrestleMania match with the two competitors was a classic match and should never be duplicated.


The PG Rating:

Among the many problems in the WWE right now, one big problem surfaces among many long time wrestling fans. That problem is the PG rating. Many fans are unhappy with the PG rating and feel it diminishes the quality of the show and they feel strongly that the WWE needs to back to the PG14 rating. 


Wrestling fans want to be entertained and so do I.