Saint Cinderella

Angie MeyerContributor IIMarch 24, 2010
On Saturday afternoon brackets busted open all across the country. With the emergence of Cinderella teams tackling the would-be stars of the NCAA tournament, the unthinkable happened. Twice.
Welcome to "Madness" Glamorous ones.
These next two days, prior to 3rd round tournament commencement, we're taking a deep examination of the ones who have surprised us all.
Bibbity, Bobbity, Boo... meet Saint Mary's of the West Coast Conference, or as we've newly named them, Saint Cinderella.
(10) Saint Mary's Gaels
Season Record: 28-5
Who They Beat: (2) Villanova, 75-68
Next Game: Mar 26 vs. (3) Baylor, 7:27 pm (est)
Coach: Randy Bennett, nine years at St. Mary’s. This is Bennett's third year in NCAA Tournament.
Rising Stars: Senior Center: Omar Samhan, Junior Guard: Mickey McConnell, Freshman Forward: Tim Harris
Location: Moranga, CA
Colors: Red and Blue
Mascot: Gael Force One
Conference: West Coast Conference, Same as fellow tournament team, Gonzaga Bulldogs
What is a Gael? According to Outsports Mascot "A “Gael” is a Gaelic-speaking Celt of Scotland, Ireland, or the Isle of Man. A sports writer for the San Francisco Call-Bulletin dubbed them “the galloping Gaels,” because many of the players were Irish or Scottish by name, during a very successful 1926 football season. The mascot, which stands 10 feet tall, is named “Gael Force One.” If it wasn't for Iona also being named the Gaels, they would be our No. 1"
**Gael's were the 2010 WCC Conference Champions**