Want a Place Just to Discuss Football?

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Want a Place Just to Discuss Football?
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Ever want to have a place where you can just discuss football and not write articles?
Check out allsoccer.myfastforum.org, a football forum, for everything about the beautiful game. Please join this, it will really help the forums.


-games, trivia, etc.   we all love games, don't we?

-top 10 clubs in europe threads

-matchday live sub-forum for all your live commentary needs.

-2010 world cup forum

- a suggestion/question board, where you can suggest ideas, request boards, ask questions, etc.


- boards for big clubs, such as Chelsea and
Barcelona, and even some smaller clubs, such as Benfica and Marseille, because not everyone's favorite team is a big team.

-boards for each european
, i.e. England & Germany, where you can discuss national team, leagues, cups, and more.

-the more europe board, where you can discuss action from Ukraine, Romania, The
Netherlands, Turkey, Greece, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark and Scotland, because there are some people, believe me, who follow the smaller leagues as well. unbelievable, isn't it?

-the even more
europe board
let's you talk about the leagues, national team, etc, of all the other european countries, such as Austria, Cyprus, and the Czech Republic.

-there is also a board for uefa and europe, with champions eague, europa league, and more.


-U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Argentina boards, to discuss all footballing actions from those countries. Latin America, like Europe, is full of football fans.

-more south america board has all the action from the rest of south america

register (with your goal.com usernames preferably, but it's unnecessary)
it will really help out a lot.

Please register, it will really help a lot.

Thank you :)

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