Why I Think The WWE Hall Of Fame Isn't Legitimate

Brian WoodsContributor IIMarch 23, 2010

There really isnt any qualifications, and the deciding factor in who's in and who's out is one person, Vince Mcmahon.

So you can't really call it a Hall of Fame when there isnt an actual Hall to look at all of the fame, if the WWE really wants to take the Hall of Fame seriously then they will have to have building and not just put a little side section on wwe.com

I am sure that some of the people inducted to the hall are still very honored about being inducted, but even Bruno Sammartino stated in a interview with www.slam.canoe.ca he stated, "they have called plenty of times, and I turn them down every time. What's the point of the Hall of Fame? is it a building i can actually go to? No. they've called plenty of times. I turn them down every time. What's the point to a Hall of Fame? Is it a building I can actually go to? No. Give me a break."

Just a months ago I was watching Smackdown! and Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio were wrestling against eachother. Todd Grisham, one of the commentators said that Chris Jericho isn't a Hall of Famer, while Rey Mysterio is a bonified Hall of Famer.

How does that make any sense Chris Jericho has had the most Intercontinental championship reigns in WWE history with 9, a 5 time tag team champion, he's had the WCW heavyweight twice, and, World Heavyweight championship twice. Plus he's one of the greatest talkers in WWE history.

While Rey Mysterio is a 1 time World Heavyweight champion, 3 time cruiserweight champion, and 2 time intercontinetal champion, with 4 tag team champion reigns, but he is one of the best high flyers ever, if not the best. 

Don't get me wrong I think he's a Hall of Famer too, he just dosent have the credentials that Chris Jericho has.

I think the WWE Hall of Fame is pretty much a joke it dosent even have it's own website to look at, it has a little drop box of names under raw, smackdown, and right next to ECW.

So I think they should legitimize their Hall of Fame and make a building that honors the greatest wrestlers in the world?