The Rock Is Not a Sellout, Folks

Devon GivensCorrespondent IMarch 23, 2010

Dwayne Johnson, also known by many pro-wrestling fans as "The Rock," is a 6'4", 255-pound man who has become one of the greatest entertainers in WWE history.

Is he a sellout, you ask?  Most will agree, yes.  I, however, beg to differ.

For one, what is wrong with a person trying to move on from his wrestling career?  He wanted to see if he could be successful as an actor, and he did that perfectly.  Let's not forget, folks, he started his new career 11 years ago, making his acting debut in That 70's Show

Somehow, he managed to balance being a wrestler and an actor. But for now, he probably feels that his dual responsibilities have been taking a toll on him, so he has made fewer and fewer appearances as the years have passed by.

As a professional wrestler, he excelled in everything that a professional wrestler (other than John Cena) dreams of having: good looks, promo skills, charisma, and (although some may disagree with me) wrestling skills.

I've never heard of him being involved in politics, or no-selling.  He never half-assed anything.  His departure from wrestling altogether back in 2004 was not meant to be a slap in the face to the wrestling and, most importantly, Rock fans.

Maybe he felt burned out, as I mentioned earlier. Or maybe he's given up (and not in the way of fame and glory).

Why are people bashing him?  Is it because he is opposed to continuing his wrestling career? 

Yes, that is the answer. But I'm sure he knew that his wrestling career would not last forever.  He probably knew people would grow tired of him and that he would be labeled as a has-been. (Cough, Hulk Hogan, cough.) Smartly, the Rock went out on top.

John Cena has also participated in an acting career, but I'm mostly sure that he'll go the same route The Rock went.  Would he be labeled as a sellout? 

No, folks.  If anything, the only real thing that has sold out is the WWE.  That is my opinion.  If you disagree, more power to you.  You can debate all you want, but I will refuse to change my answer.

The Rock is NOT a sellout.