My Predictions For This Year's Wrestlemania

Ratul PandeyContributor IMarch 23, 2010

I’m really excited about the upcoming Wrestlemania. It takes place on the 28th of March, 2010 at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Phoenix.

However -_- due to the lack of expertise in India, it airs on the 4th of April at 1 PM I think.

The theme song for WM 26 is ‘I Made It’ by Kevin Rudolph in which I personally like only Lil Wayne and Birdman’s parts. (Hard to distinguish between Rudolph and Jay Sean in this song for some strange reason :P). The worst part is, they cut out Lil Wayne and Birdman’s parts. 


Match predictions? Hmm.

Jericho(Champ) VS Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship: Edge, of course. I don’t think the Royal Rumble winner for any year has lost at Wrestlemania. Plus, Edge is a better competitor and athlete than Jericho is. The gold is coming home to Toronto at Wrestlemania.

Batista(Champ) VS John Cena for the WWE Championship: Why I’m personally looking really forward to this match is because it reflects a personal battle between two superstars that debuted at the WWE at around the same time, and how their careers took completely different turnings. While Cena became the name and fame of the WWE, Batista was often ignored. This made him sign a deal with the chairman after helping the chairman, Mr. Vince McMahon ‘screw’ Bret Hart, once again. I bet John Cena on this one, because he is determined to beat Batista for the Championship he lost at Elimination Chamber due to unfair circumstances.

The Undertaker VS Shawn Michaels: I think this is one of the most awaited matched in the history of pro-wrestling. Yes, it did happen at WM 25 where The Undertaker beat Shawn, but this has gotten way more personal. It’s Career VS Streak for the Undertaker and Michaels, and they are gonna give it their best shot. My money’s on Shawn Michaels because he CANNOT afford to lose to the Undertaker or he is out of wrestling for good. Oh yes, and this is a no-DQ, no-countout match which makes it all the more interesting.

Sheamus VS Triple H: Sheamus has been going on and on, nobody likes him and he is unstoppable. However, under the bright lights and pressure of being on a Wrestlemania stage where the entire world is watching, he WILL crumble. Triple H has got it on this one. 

Randy Orton VS Ted DiBiase VS Cody Rhodes: This match also has a very personal twist to it, where three ex-members of a stable called Legacy led by Randy Orton are facing each other. It will be interesting to see one of the latter two superstars beat Randy Orton. However I think Randy has the lead on this match once again.

Mysterio VS Punk: Mysterio loses, he joins the Straight Edge society.CM Punk will cheat with the help of his disciples and get away with this one. Welcome to the club, Mysterio.

Bret Hart VS Vince McMahon: This match has over 10 years of history behind it, and is indeed very personal. It is an emplyee’s revenge against his employer. Bret Hart for sure on this one. A No-Holds Barred Match? Interesting.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match (Christian VS Dolph Ziggler VS Kane VS Shelton Benjamin VS Jack Swagger VS MVP VS Matt Hardy VS Evan Bourne VS Drew McIntyre VS Kofi Kingston): I think either Christian or Dolph Ziggler would win this one, them being the opportunists of the game. This would escalate their careers to heights never seen before, and I’m sure the WWE Universe would love to see some young superstars headlining the WWE. Be sure to catch some amazing moments in this match from Shelton Benjamin, Evan Bourne and other such high-flying superstars.

ShoMiz(Champs) VS Morrison and R-Truth: Sho-Miz will have the victory in this one I’m sure, and retain the Unified WWE Tag Team Championships.