TNA Beat WWE In The Third Monday Night War WWE-1 TNA-2

Oliver RobinsonContributor IMarch 23, 2010

Ok i would just like to say i am not biased, nor is this actual fact. It is my opinion.


The Good Bits

The Shawn Michaels vs Kane match was a good idea, even though facing of against Kane is not really that much like facing of against The Undertaker, It was back and forth and then concluded with HBK tuning up the band, the familiar gong, the lights going out. As usual The Undertaker had popped up in the middle of the ring where Kane had been, HBK decided to go for Sweet Chin Music anyway, Undertaker caught him by the throat, chokeslammed him then the lights went out again and Kane is back! Kane goes for the pin, Michaels kicks out so Kane goes for a tombstone, Shawn wriggles out and superkicks him as Kane turns around (Didn't the same thing happen on friday night Smackdown? I'm just sayin.) The 'Final Face Off' between Batista and John Cena was nice as well. Batista cut a nice little promo, called Cena out, then the two engaged in what sounded ,to me, like a school boy's argument, so Cena has had enough and starts attacking Batista, is eventually dragged off him by security, Batista gets up and attcks Cena ( i'm guessing that the security guards were instructed to let Batista hurt John as they didn't stop Batista attacking) But Cena breaks free, attacks Batista some more, and then Batista rolled out of the ring and stormed off.

The Bits That Could Have been Better

1) The match between The Miz and John Morrison was decent but wasn't hard to predict the result.

2) Why was there another MITB qualifiying match?!?! So there was an odd number and it may be because im not a a big Kofi fan but when i was reading the results i was there thinking 'Huh? i thought Drew Mcyintre was the last qualifier?' Basically it confused me.

3) I wasn't a big fan of the 2 on 3 handicap match. Hot tag, lots of momenteum, hits signature, about to hit finisher, suddenly turns attention to illegal man, about to hit the illegal man with a big move when... WHAM!! the idiot is hit by the legal man's finisher. 1...2...3. Also, did anyone else see Cody Rhodes steal one of Goldusts moves? That uppercut where he lies down and jabs the opponent in the jaw.


The Good Bits

The opening event of the night was the confrontation of Eric Bishoff and Jeff Jarett. I am not a big fan of all the talking because,personally, i think TNA overdo the talking as well as the blood (speaking of which i do not believe TNA made it through an entire show without using any blood.) So after some back and forth talking, Jarett got bored and smashes Bishoff in the head with his guitar. Also the Tag Team match was good as Jeff Hardy is a tag specialist and RVD (although i did notice he wasn't as fast as he was in the WWE) This match ended with Hardy throwing Storm into a ladder (No DQ?) allowing RVD to hit rolling thunder on Roode, Who Jeff Swantoned and Van Dam hit a Five Star Frogsplash (Finally!) for the win.

The Bits That Could Have Been Better 

1) Hernandez vs Matt Morgan. Not so much the match but more of the ending. It's been a while since i've seen stuff like that (curse you, PG) But,God, that looked like it hurt.

2) Ric Flair trying to escape in a wheel chair. Seriously?

So like i said at the top. TNA won