Washington Wizards: What To Do With Gilbert Arenas?

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Washington Wizards: What To Do With Gilbert Arenas?

As you all may know, Gilbert Arenas was charged for illegal gun possession, and has been suspended for the rest of the NBA season.

No team wants him, and he still has $80 million on his contract. The Wizards certainly don't want him.

The question is: What to do with Agent Zero, and what team would want him?

I, myself, am a diehard fan of Gilbert Arenas and the Wizards, but this guy needs to grow up. He doesn't take anything seriously. After his arrest, he was posting jokes on his Twitter page thinking it was a funny situation. Well, Gilbert, it's not.

He's now not wanted in the city of D.C. 

If I were Ernie Grunfeld, I would currently be looking for someone, some team, that would take this guy. Unless he steps up and grows up, the Wizards really have no reason to keep him.

They already are getting a first-round draft pick. They have Earl Boykins and Randy Foye who are perfectly capable players. So, why would they need him? 

The answer is, they don't. 

Don't get me wrong, Arenas has great talent. It's just going to waste.

Take a look at the other stars. Kobe Bryant jokes around sometimes but when it comes to a serious situation, he's a serious guy.

When he was arrested for sexual assault, he took the situation seriously and look where he ended up.

No punishment. 

Delonte West, arrested for carrying three loaded guns. He took it seriously, didn't make any jokes because he realized it was his career on the line.

No punishment yet. 

Gilbert Arenas is a great guy. He's friendly and nice to everyone. But, he needs to learn to be serious when his career is on the line.

He used to be a hero. Now he's a zero. 

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