After the Match, Luke Feels Mysterio's Wrath, but Did Punk Get the Message?

lee raydeanCorrespondent IMarch 22, 2010

Smackdown was anything but boring this week. I enjoyed every minute of it. Especially the match with Rey Mysterio and CM punks right hand man, Luke Gallows. He is more than his right hand man, Gallows is the strength (physically) and will do anything for Punk.

Two weeks ago, Punk interfered in a family occasion that was going on with Rey's daughter. Punk just had to come out and start harassing Rey and his family. In my article about that night, you will see where I mentioned the interruption by the straight-edged society.

Rey didn't want to fight in front of his family, but instead took the harassment just so his family wouldn't have to see the violence up close and personal.

By doing this, Punk thought that Rey was a coward. Mysterio has pride and has never backed down from a challenge, no matter how big or dangerous his opponent is.

Rey however had a match that night with Luke Gallows and beat him. Punk and his Society were speechless.

This past week, Rey came out dressed in a black mask. I think it meant that he was and still is angry, emotional, and fed up with Punk's antics. What he did in front of Rey's family was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Punky came out Friday Night and wants Rey to join his Society and to let him be Rey's Saviour. Mysterio just let that go over his head. He told Punk that he doesn't just want to beat him at WM26, but wants a street fight so he can do whatever he wants to Punk.

Punk replied that if he lost on Friday night (last Smackdown) against Luke Gallows and then again against himself, at WM, he will be forced to join his Society.

As the match proceeded, Punk was very anxious pacing back and forth with his other crew member, Selena (maybe its Serena) acting like caged animals. The match was just about even.

Rey gave Luke the 6:19 and was on the top rope to fly as only he can, when Selena grabbed his foot causing him to fall. Of course the ref had his back turned and didn't see the interference.

Gallows was able to capitalize and win the match. By all rights, Rey had won the match because of Selena interfering. Now Punk thinks that Rey is down one match and just has to lose at WM and he will be part of his Society.

WWE Universe knows that , even though it would be legal because of the kind of match its going to be, bring his crew and they will be all over Rey. The odds seem to be against him.

After Friday night's match, Rey blew his lid and went postal on Gallows. He tore him up. All the frustration and stress was transferred or rather taken out on Gallows. Punk didn't help Gallows, but sat on the ring apron watching Rey destroy a member of his Society.

Rey had Luke behind the announcer's table and was pummeling, kicking, punching him. I have never seen Rey like that before. I think Punk was afraid. Maybe thats why he didn't help Gallows.

I don't understand why Selena is there or understand what her purpose is.

At WM its going to be very physical. For all we know, Luke Gallows may turn on Punk for not helping him. Rey might eliminate Gallows and Selena so he can have Punk all for himself. He doesn't want Punk to have an advantage of any kind.

As WM nears, there is a lot of tension, stress, and high anxiety. Rey works very well under those conditions and well, I must admit Punk does too. He is straight-edged and has a lot of self discipline. Its anybody's game now at the grandest stage of them all, WM