Scouts Take Notes, Why Is Bryan Ruiz the Next Big Thing in the Market

Alonzo SolanoContributor IMarch 22, 2010

Many people don’t know who this guy is because most scouts and fans don’t watch the Everidise League every weekend or they are too busy looking for talent in Africa or South America but if you are looking for a fantasy magic intelligent striker the Costarican Bryan Ruiz is your best bet.

Ruiz is a lefty that plays for the FC Twente, he is the second best scorer in the league but means way more than that for his team.

He can score, assist and change the course of a game like the best players in the world. Another thing about him is that not many people have heard of him, which makes him a “cheap” player for any squad seeking for talent.

He is as artistic with the ball on his feet as Messi is but he is taller, maybe just not that fast. He plays in a 4-3-3 formation and just like Messi he plays at the striker position on the right side so whenever he dribbles a defender he get his main foot prepared to score in front of the goal.

Ruiz is an intelligent player that might pass over a defender or two but he will always look for the best option for his team to score, whether is him that will score or assisting any teammate with a better position to make some damage.

Don’t get me wrong Bryan is not near Lio Messi but they are similar in styles and you have to realize those lefties playmakers are not easy to find in the world.

Ruiz is in his first year with the FC Twente and his 19 goals along with his playmaking skills are the reason his team is near to the first Eredivisie Championship since 1926.

However this is not new, when Ruiz left the “fútbol de Costa Rica” to play with the KAA Gent he already was seen as a “different” player from the rest. He played 79 games with the Gent where he scored 26 goals to them get transferred to the Twente.

Keep in mind fellows, Ruiz is just 24 years old and he has proved that he can play in good competitive European leagues but not only that, he has proved he can become a crack if he plays with the right team.