Nothing Says Knicks Like Bad Contracts!

Kevin MooreCorrespondent IJuly 10, 2008

In the weeks since that nightmare we called a season, the Knicks have been awfully quiet. After managing a meager 23 wins, New York is in need of a major roster shakeup.

But for a team that won fewer games than the University of Kansas (and probably couldn’t beat the Jayhawks), they have made very few moves. One has to ask why would a team that was so bad not make any moves to improve itsself. Unlike the last 23-win season, there is no Patrick Ewing to draft. So why no moves?

It wouldn’t have anything to do with those ridiculously enormous contracts?

No way, it couldn’t be. The Knicks paid pennies for that all-star roster. The all "me" team was not that hard on the wallet! Or was it?

Grumpy Stilskins (Stephon Marbury) is only owed about $22 million this season.  I can envision Ralph Kramden yelling, "Peanuts! Peanuts! I tell you! Only peanuts!"

I say give Marbury every penny. He is such a gifted player. The way he can sap the life out of a team is magical. Only "Starbury" can take a jubilant bench and within seconds turn everyone silent. What a floor general. There is nothing more motivating than going to war, and being in a fox hole with a sergeant who is picking out caskets.

How about Zach Randolph? You have to love Zach, apparently at a young age he was warned that "if you ever pass the ball, you’ll be in big trouble, mister!" I love his uncanny ability to shoot in all types of traffic. Double-teams, triple-teams, the FDR drive—it doesn’t matter. Those scenarios have no effect on this power forward. His focus is on the rim and, more importantly, his stats. If only he cared about defensive stats.

Besides, the Knicks did not pay him for defense. He is only due $14.6 million this year. And $33 million for the next two seasons. If the Knicks wanted defense from Randolph, they should have paid him more.

And who could forget Eddie Curry? Good ol’ Eddy. Apparently he is on a prorated basis because, two out of the last three seasons, he has averaged fewer than 65 games.

That, along with with Quentin Richardson’s potential to make $18 million and Jared Jeffries' $18 million, I cannot quite understand what the Knicks are waiting for.

They have great contracts thus far. With a management style that would make FEMA envious. Maybe, by the year 2010, when most of those terrific bargains will be off the books, the Knicks front office will venture into a book store and purchase a yellow-covered text titled "Front office for…[rhymes with yummy]."