Paul Buentello Vs. Cheick Kongo: UFC Live on VS Play-by-Play

Mike SContributor IMarch 21, 2010

First Round

Herb Dean has this heavyweight clash between the two veterans. Buentello leaves his head open, but Kongo misses with his first attempt. Kongo clinches and looks for the takedown right away. He pushes Buentello up against the cage and eventually gets him on his back. 

Buentello is attempting to get back up to his feet, and Kongo steadily pops him with punches. Buentello is almost back up and gets there, but is immediately taken back down. Kongo isn't allowing Buentello to get to his feet. He occasionally hits him with a body punch, but very little action is taking place. 

Buentello works free and looks to have broken his finger or dislocated it. The doctor gets his finger back into working condition and the fight is back on.

Kongo and Buentello trade punches, but Kongo goes in and gets his third takedown in the round. Kongo is now on top and using knees against a downed Buentello. Kongo stands up with control of Buentello’s arms, but Dean resets them. 

Buentello misses with a right and falls on his back as the round ends. 

PFF gives this round to Kongo 10-9


Second Round

The middle round is underway and they touch gloves. Kongo hits with a couple of kicks. Buentello gets hit with a right and then is taken to the ground, only to get back to his feet and then taken down again. 

Kongo is now on top of his back and pounding on the side of Buentello’s head. Buentello is getting hammered by elbows from Kongo. Kongo hits Buentello with a knee to the face while he is still down, causing Herb Dean to take a point away from him. 

The action is back on, and Buentello is backed up against the fence and then taken to the ground once again. Kongo starts his assault with knees to the body, but Buentello gets up and hits Kongo with a right hand. 

Kongo gets him back on the ground and starts to hit the side of his face with small punches. Buentello stands up and gets knees to the face, and then another one while he is on the ground. 

Buentello looks very tired while getting hammered with punches, but fights enough to not have it stopped. Kongo takes him to the ground again and starts his ground and pound game. 

A lack of action causes Dean to stand them back up and Buentello stops a takedown, but gets hit up the middle with a punch as the round ends. 

PFF scores this round 9-9


Third Round

The last round starts like the middle one ended. Kongo easily takes the fight to the ground and begins to hammer Buentello with elbows. The action comes to a halt temporarily, but as Kongo begins to hammer with elbows again, Buentello taps out and has had enough.

OFFICIAL DECISION: Kongo over Buentello via 3rd round submission (1:16)