And Then They Rise From the Dust Again: Kings XI Punjab

pradhyumn thakurContributor IMarch 22, 2010

Sunday's match between Kings XI Punjab and Chennai Super Kings will be cherished in memories of all cricket fans for a long time. For those who do not believe in luck; you should have seen this match.

Once again the Punjab-based side finished their innings with an ordinary total of 138/8 courtesy of brilliant bowling from the CSKs.

Then, came Patel and Hayden on the crease, along with Hayden's newly discovered weapon, the mongoose, and then their domination started till to his misfortune, Hayden got out after scoring 33 off 24 balls. Parthiv continued to bat intelligently, but wickets keeps on tumbling.

Guess, what would have happened next? The game stretched till the last ball and ended up in a tie.

The story does not ends here. The twist is no game can end up being a tie, so here is our super-over. An over would be played by both the teams, each with three batsmen and a bowler.

Tension could be seen on every face, be it players or supporters.

CSK picked Morkel, Hayden, and Raina for batting and Muralidharan for bowling. Once again Morkel and Hayden are on the crease with his mongoose.

Morkel is on strike:

First ball: A single taken by Morkel, strike is rotated.

Second ball: Hayden is clean bowled and the mongoose: Wasted!!.

Hayden departs, in comes Raina.

Third ball: Raina took two runs. Three runs on board and three balls to go!!   

Fourth ball: Raina hits a SIX!!

Fifth ball: Raina out!!

So now, Kings XI Punjab needs 10 runs in six balls.Sangakara picked Jayawardene, Yuvraj, and Pathan. Adrenaline rush starts again!!

First ball: Jayawardene hits a SIX, look at the face of Murali, his face turned as pale as the colour of his jersey.

Second ball: Jayawadene hits again but this time right into the hands of fielder, its a catch.

In comes Pathan, but Yuvraj will keep the strike.

Third ball: Yuvraj misses!!, camera focuses on Sangakara, finished biting his finger nails, now reaching his toes. (What? You have started visualising it? It was just a joke!! So back to the the match).

Fourth ball: Yuvraj strikes a four and Kings XI are winners of this match.

One could never have asked for more excitement this match has offered. This was what I discussed in my previous article: LUCK!!

It was luck because of which in spite of a small total on scoreboard, they defended it successfully.

They did it like Sphinx, which rises from dust once again when people declared that they are done.

Hope, the rotten run for luck is over for Punjab and now they are back in the game.