Yankees Need To Trade Abreu Stat!

Erik DianaCorrespondent IJuly 10, 2008

Well, the trade deadline is here and the ultimate buyer should be the ultimate seller this year! The Yankees need to be smart about what to do and agree to trade Bobby Abreu to some team that needs a bat, high OBP guy and a good right fielder.

The Yankees are going to flounder right around 5 games over .500 all year and they really have no chance of winning the World Series this year. (Not with Boston and not with Tampa Bay playing the way they are.) So why not just try and gather pieces for a later run with destiny? (The Yankees just may to be stubborn to admit defeat.)

The thing about this trade deadline that really hurt the Yankees is the two biggest names, as far as pitching goes, have already been traded. Imagine how nice CC Sabathia (not C.C. anymore) or Rich Harden would have been for a team with 3 good starters. It would have been able to jump start them right back into the race.

Now, they can't get the front line starter they needed, Hughes and Kennedy are at least 1 year away from being able to provide them with anything in terms of support. (I'm also sad to say that Carl Pavano won't be able to help them either.) It only makes sense for them to trade someone like Abreu and say an Ian Kennedy and maybe one other piece for a great infield prospect (1st base) or more power pitching. (Power pitching is like a great offensive line in football, you just can't have too much of it!)

It is a stretch to say that Abreu and say a Kennedy could bring a guy like Tim Lincecum, but they can get a significant outfield prospect or infield prospect. You know in 5-6 years, they're going to need a shortstop! A 1st base prospect would be amazing at this point considering Shelly Duncan will never be great and just like the Big G is a liability defensively.

This team is also flawed enough that even if they traded for CC Sabathia or Rich Harden it wouldn't help them out as much as people think. The bullpen has been good lately. Even Kyle Farnsworth is stepping it up. But they still lack the offensive might that made them so scary for the last 4 years. They also don't have a very deep bench since Damon went on the DL and Christian and Gardner are the only ones with speed to burn on that team.

These are all reasons why the Yankees need to cut bait with Abreu and someone like a Ian Kennedy (who won't last in the AL) and maybe one more prospect and really score big down the road.

If Yankees fans aren't smart enough to deal with it, then they're not intelligent enough to be Yankees fans. Sorry, but the days of moron fans triggering Steinbrenner's buttons needs to stop. This team needs an overhaul and it should start with developing great, young talent at every level. And this team needs to get younger in a hurry, Damon, Matsui, Giambi, Mussina, Pettite, Rivera, Posada and Jeter aren't youung pups anymore!Whether you draft for it or trade for it, you can never have enough of it!