Brett Favre, the World Doesn't Revolve Around You: Just Retire

Evan PettyCorrespondent IJuly 10, 2008

The day the great Brett Favre retired, the whole NFL community took their time and reflected on the great career No. 4 had during his 18-year tenure. Favre thanked everyone for his memorable career, and every sports media outlet in the country gave Brett his due for what he brought to the NFL.

After the dust settled, everyone seemed to move on.

That is, everyone, except for No. 4 himself. 

For the past few seasons, everyone in Green Bay knew Favre would eventually retire, and Favre knew it himself. While preparing for retirement was not the easiest of feats, Brett and his fellow cheeseheads in Green Bay had plenty of time to prepare, as Brett contemplated retirement year after year. 

When the day finally came, Favre said goodbye to the NFL forever. Now he's trying to make a comeback at the age of 38. Green Bay fans have a simmer of hope again that their beloved quarterback will take another snap, but the rest of the Packer organization, and the rest of the NFL, are rolling their eyes yet again. 

I would be in the group that is rolling their eyes. 

Please Brett, save us all the theatrics and just retire. Float off into the distance and end your career.

Green Bay fans may be happy, but fans of the other 31 teams, like me, are tired of waking up every morning, turning on SportsCenter, and hearing rumors that you might come back to play.

And, at the least bit, if you are going to consider coming back, hold a press conference or something. Leaking information through family members and text messages is childish, and you are way better than that.

Not only are you disappointing fans of the NFL who want to hear stories about the other 97 percent of the NFL, you are jeopardizing your team's hopes this season, and you're putting Ted Thompson in an awkward situation. 

By announcing his retirement so early, I would think that Favre would be sure he was done with football. If he had the slightest thoughts of returning, he could be like Michael Strahan and announce retirement after the NFL Draft. But by retiring so quickly, he convinced the Packers to draft two quarterbacks to fill the void. 

After patiently waiting, Aaron Rogers is finally getting his much-deserved chance to start this season, too. Now the Favre saga has him having doubts once again about his future playing time. 

Lastly, Brett has put the GM Ted Thompson in a near impossible situation: bring back Favre and undo the niche Rogers and the rest of the offense have formed this offseason, or trade THE Brett Favre.

Pick your poison. One choice jeopardizes the team's success and chemistry for years to come, and the other makes you the most unpopular man in the state of Wisconsin. Gee, thanks Brett. 

Brett, save your image, an image that is so great among people around the NFL, be respectful to Aaron Rogers, who had to hide in your shadow for three years, make Ted Thompson's life a little bit easier, take a bow, and let the NFL just continue on without you.

We'll miss you and remember you Brett, but please, everyone wants to move on; just retire.