Brett Favre: An Exclusive (Fake) Interview

Joe WillettSenior Writer IJuly 10, 2008

Brett Favre has been having a lot of controversy surround him.  Will he come back, won't he come back?

He hasn't been helping himself with his double talk about situations where he might come back then saying he isn't.

I was able to snag myself an interview with him.  I caught him outside the Packers headquarters.

He may not have been cooperative, but I got some questions answered.

Joe: Brett, are you coming back?

Brett Favre: I really can't be answering questions into a cell phone sir.

JW: It's Joe, not sir, and I was just asking if you were going to be making a return to football.  Is there any update to the situation?

BF: I am not in any way contemplating a return to football in any capacity.

JW: Then why are you here at the Packers headquarters.

BF: What? I was in the neighborhood and thought I would say hi.

JW: Well, what are you doing here seeing as you live in Mississippi?

BF: I got a hankering for Jimmy's Hot Dogs.

JW: So you drove across the United States to get some Jimmy's Hot Dogs?

BF: Yes, that is correct.

JW: So there is no chance that you will come back to the Packers?

BF: The Packers, no.

JW: You distinguished "Packers."  Does that mean returning with another team is possible?

BF: Anything is possible.

JW: I have seen you in Chicago as well, does that mean that you could be contemplating a return with your rivals, the Chicago Bears?

BF: Again, anything is possible.

JW: Hold on, I am done with my play time per video, let me save this and restart a new video.

Favre saw this as his opportunity to bolt, and I was unable to get any more answers out of him.

So we are still uncertain about whether or not Favre is going to return.  And all we could get out of him was, "anything is possible."

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