Seattle Seahawks Mock Draft 2.0 (after Trade)

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Seattle Seahawks Mock Draft 2.0 (after Trade)
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So I'm a very big Seahawks fan and i know some of these mock drafts are a little fra fetch but you can always hope as a fan.

Pick 6th: First option if Eric Berry falls to sixth we take him over anyone else who is there including Okung, Bradford, Clausen, and who ever. Ok maybe besides Suh but thats an obvious he's not gonna be there. Anyways, we aren't taking a QB anymore after the Whitehurst trade. We do need a LT but at 14th there will be a LT there. You never know but most likely a top 5 LT will be there. If Berry is not there i would love to trade the pick back to get another 2nd rounder maybe swat 1st rounders with someone in the bottom half of the 1st round and there second round pick and we give them also Julius Jones. A possible team looking for a RB is maybe texans or charger someone like that. i would love to move back in the draft and acquire more draft picks. Be nice to leave the draft with 4 picks in the top 60. If somehow this actually came true. I would want at 14th still a top five tackle like a Trent Williams or Anthony Davis or Bryan Bulaga. then at our traded pick around 20 get Mike Iupati then with the extra second rounder take Dwyer or the WR from Ga tech D. Thomas.

Pick 14th: As in my first scenario when we get Berry we should get a LT at 14th. The players that could be there are Anthony Davis is slipping on boards, Bryan Bulaga is rising because of Davis' falling, Bruce Campbell is a big project but huge skills/tools, and then Trent Williams has a possibility of being there. If i had my chioce of any of those four probably be Williams then Bulaga then davis then campbell. Hopefully one of those will be here. Or if at 6th berry is not there and we cannot trade down and we take a Russell Okung or something. Then at 14th a Earl Thomas. I hope we can get a LT and a safety in our first two picks. It could be a combo of Okung/Earl Thomas or Berry/ Trent Williams or Davis.

Pick 60th: I really still hope we can get a top 5 RB or top 5 corner still at 60th. I really want to trade Julius Jones and something else to get back into the 3rd or second round. If Jonathon Dwyer is there at 60th i would love to take him. We need a work horse for the future so lets get one in the second round. Spiller, Best, Mathews, McKnight will all probably go before Dwyer so Hopefully he'll be there. If not we could go DE defensive back OL etc we need alot

Best case Scenario (I think)

6th: Eric Berry

14th: Trent Williams

60th: Jonathon Dwyer

Dream Scenario that i have no idea how it could happen. Trade back from 6th and get the best LT Trent Williams or Bryan Bulaga and Mike Iupati with the over 1st rounders then with our two second rounders take a safety or go Dwyer and D. Thomas. Our left side would be like old. Trent Williams LT Mike Iupati C Max Unger. be really good again super long shot i know.


Let me what know what you thinks

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